Allergy information

peanuts are in fact not nuts, they’re legums, and most people with a nut or peanut allergy are only allergic to one and not the other, I understand it might be too much to ask to change all the labels but could you at least separate the peanut butter and almond butter, since peanut butter is an important staple of many people’s diets

Unfortunately, a lot of manufacturers do not differentiate between peanuts and tree nuts so we would prefer not to take chances with labeling.

We have also pulled nut butters, pesto, cereals, etc. out of the servery to nut stations to reduce cross contamination since many students are not that careful when serving themselves.

To also come up with separate peanut butter stations would require yet more¬†separate stations. ¬†However, I’m sure we can assist you on an individual basis. Please make an appointment to speak with me personally.




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