Call for a better Congee

In my Chinese family, rice porridge (xīfàn) is like a comfort food, and I look forward to eating it every weekend. However, I have some major concerns about the way Commons makes it. First, as a concern for all diners, it is currently only labeled as “soy,” but there is definitely some chicken broth or chunks in there, and should be labeled with “chicken.” Secondly, it it nearly always too liquid or too dry. Rice porridge should have a creamy consistency, like a moist oatmeal – the surrounding liquid should be slightly more viscous than water or plain broth. Make sure the rice is washed before cooking, and the cloudy water is drained. It tastes best with fresh, uncooked rice, but recooking rice is okay (and resourceful). Jasmine rice or Calrose rice makes great congee. Thirdly, it is too salty. If using broth (at all), use much more water than broth. Finally, a personal recommendation: change the congee recipes once in a while. Not everyone likes chicken in their congee; try ground pork (without broth), as well as vegan options. White, plain water congee is the most basic. For our vegan, health-conscious folks, you could cook a 1:5 white rice/wild rice mix with green mung beans. I hope this helps, and this recipe should provide some more tips: I look forward to eating congee next weekend, as I always do!

Thank you for your comments and suggestions. They are always appreciated. Our labeling system is designed to identify the most common allergens and to identify items that are vegan so we don’t have a chicken label but I do understand your comment and we can certainly add chicken into the title of the dish.

I’m also intrigued by the other versions of congee so we will experiment. Please understand that it will take some time to test but you may see other versions soon!

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