Why are there never any commons mugs in commons? Ever….

Unless you are in commons at a peak time, which my schedule does not allow, there are never any mugs.

If you physically need more mugs, hire another mug collector. If you need someone to pick up mug collector shifts, I would be glad to do so.

Hell, I am even fairly certain that you just received something on the order of 1000 new commons mugs. Where are those?


Question: Where are the Mugs?

Answer: In student Rooms


It is not that we do not have enough mug runners rather it is that many students, who come to Commons an average of 17 times a week, feel it is too difficult, don’t want to,  feel that it is not their responsibility to bring back their mugs, or at the very least place them in one of the over 25 bin locations about campus. Yes we did just receive a shipment of 1000 mugs last week and today have less than 150 left in storage- which will be gone by the end of the day.   Commons is doing our part to keep this program going, but no one else seems to care about being part of the environmental solution.  With over 7,000 mugs in circulation the next time there are no mugs available how about turning to your neighbor and asking them to return the mugs they are hording and become part of the solution, no the problem.
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