From a young age, my parents began teaching me about pride. “Take pride in everything you do” they would tell me. As a young child, this meant almost nothing to me. It was just something that I would hear before school or before practice.

Now, however, they word “pride” has new meaning to me. To me, taking pride in something means taking it personally. I take pride in my academics. When I do poorly on an exam, it hurts me personally and motivates me to do better next time. I take pride in athletics; if I miss a workout or practice, it tears me apart inside.

I urge the workers of commons to also take pride in what they do. If there are no bowls and it was my job to clean/bring the bowls out, I would be personally hurt. An empty orange juice fountain or ice cream machine would simply be unacceptable to me if it were my job to assure that they are full.

If commons workers simply take the same pride that I have described in their tasks, not only would their marginal utility increase, but so would the marginal utilities of every commons customer. Not only does doing your job well make you feel better about yourself, it would also limit angry comments like these. Not to mention, students do actually appreciate when someone is doing an outstanding job (unfortunately these actions seem to be few and far between nowadays). Take Brad for example: a master on the grill, a familiar face in the morning, and the best mass omelette maker the world has ever seen. His work has earned him the utmost respect of both myself and much of the student body, even to the point of nominating him as a graduation speaker!

So please, workers of commons, put forth a bit more effort, it would make yourselves and the students here happier.



Pride is indeed important and an integral part of the work we do every day. The fact that an orange juice dispenser might be empty or there not be a bowl available is not acceptable, but given the almost 5,000 meals we serve a day, not matter how hard the staff work, unavoidable from time to time to time. 

It we had unlimited staff, and unlimited resources there would never be a delay, but that is not reality. Add to this, that fact that our resources are further stretched when individuals take service wear out of the operations, when clearly they are not suppose to , results in diminished supply.  It is unfair and inappropriate to say that there is a lack of pride, a lack of resources yes, but not pride
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