I have a question. Why is the food not seasoned? Like the vegan bar is usually seasoned and smells good so why can’t the other food be the same? Also, don’t say we have a spice rack cause you season food before you cook it, not after.

That’s a wide brush stroke you’ve painted. Contrary to your statement, seasoning of dishes does not always happen before you cook it and is dependent upon the dish you’re discussing. Items like the garlic caramelized chicken, BBQ pulled beef or gingered fish with bok choy are all seasoned ahead of time, as part of the dish. Items like vegetables and rice are more often than not left plain, so that they can have more versatility to be incorporated into whatever dish students are adding them or can be seasoned as desired. Don’t forget that tastes vary and some plain fish, chicken, starches and vegetables have been included on the menu specifically by student request, to accommodate varying needs.

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