Hours of Operation over the Summer.

Following are the hours of operation Dining Services will be following over the Summer.


Summer Hours
Tuesday, August 8 – Saturday, August 12
Breakfast             7:00am-9:30am
Lunch                  10:30am-2:00pm
Dinner                   5:00pm-7:30pm

Sunday, August 13
Breakfast              7:00am-9:30am
Lunch                   10:30am-2:00pm
Dinner                           Closed

Monday, August 14 – Saturday, August 19

Sunday, August 20
Breakfast                      Closed
Lunch                             Closed
Dinner                     5:00pm-7:30pm

Monday, August 21 – Saturday, August 26
Breakfast                7:00am-9:30am
Lunch                     10:30am-2:00pm
Dinner                     5:00pm-7:30pm

Sunday, August 27
Regular academic hours resume
1st Board Plan meal is dinner on Monday, September 4.

Den Hours:

June 11 –  August 27                  Closed

Monday, August 28 – Friday, September 1
7:45am – 2:30pm

Saturday, September 2 – Monday, September 4

Tuesday, September 5
Regular Hours Resume