Valentine’s Day Poem Contest

The winners of the Dining Services Valentine’s Poem Contest are:

1st place goes to Devin Tatro winning the $40 Da Vinci’s Gift Certificate
2nd place goes to Max Alley winning the Valentine’s Gift Basket
3rd place goes to Tamara Gonzalez winning the Dozen Roses

Thank you to all of the students who sent in poems.  All poems that were entered are posted on the napkin board in Commons.  The winning poems are below.

A Poem for my Friends on the Eve of Winter Break

by Devin Tatro

n. a collective longing for Bates’ Commons in the “good old days”
experienced especially in light of imminent graduation

6:00pm, Friday:|
We scan into our high-ceilinged sanctum,
all the happy hubbub of everyone done and almost on their way.

Plate gripping, I enter the meal melee,
my flannel-clad commons crush lurking in the bedlam,
his glance knee-wavering, smile coaxing, tray dropping-
a yogurt yesterday, tea today,
to him I’ll say:
I see you like Earl Grey!
Nice corduroys?

Instead, this time, I duck past the milk station,
chicken-hearted again, seized by pasta-bar panic.
I’ll just observe these cereal-wall soirees,
and salad-bar seductions,
a hippodrome of subtly expressed infatuations
that most call flirting.

Safe on the side of this bazaar,
my friends
are lingering round-tabled, lamenting
our judicious scannings of Jobcat, thesis throes, and GPAs,
one day closer to pomp and circumstance, mortarboards, and tears over lobster rolls,
the inevitable severing, scattering.

we’ll cram in cars to Just Outside of Boston, Portland jetport,
but for now: one more round! On this dessert bar day,
a few more mugs of coffee, prolonging pumpkin cookies and conversations
from Anchorman to existentialism.

And what of the wine nights! Our last snowfall dim-lit on Alumni,
the solo-cup sadness, half-remembered.
I’ll love them all, always,
on Mt. David screaming out
to Lewiston:
we’re ready for the world!


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’d wait in the Pad Thai line for you

by Max Alley


Love is not leaving
him after he eats the last
slice of tollhouse pie

by Tamara Gonzalez

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