Many Students, Many Faiths

Although founded as a Freewill Baptist seminary, the College today is nonsectarian, and a variety of religious faiths are practiced at Bates.

Promoting an explicitly multireligious orientation and program, the Office of the Chaplain seeks to encourage a climate of genuine religious pluralism at Bates, in which the diversity and differences among students, faculty, and staff are respected and fruitfully engaged, not muted or merely tolerated.

The office offers religious services, events of interest, and counsel for practitioners of faith as ancient as Hinduism and as contemporary as Unitarian-Universalism.

In addition to numerous religious organizations on campus (right), a mosque, synagogues, Baha’i meeting, and over 40 churches from 23 denominations are located nearby.

Religious organizations on campus

  • Wellroot
  • Within Reach: Progressive Christians at Bates
  • Bates Christian Fellowship
  • Salaam Namaste
  • Catholic Student Community
  • Bates Hillel
  • Lewiston Society of Friends (Quakers)
  • Mushahada Association  (Muslim Students at Bates)
  • The Bates Dharma Society  (Buddhist Students at Bates)
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