Hate Crime Policies & Procedures

If you think there has been a hate/bias crime committed, report it to Bates Security immediately at x6354.

  • Bates Security will initiate an appropriate investigation by interviewing all witnesses and securing/preserving the evidence.
  • The Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Inclusion and Student Affairs will be notified immediately. See the Bates Community Response Team for protocol.
  • The Lewiston Police Department (LPD) will be notified as well.
  • The LPD will come on scene and make an initial determination as to whether a hate bias incident/crime has taken place.
  • No hateful writing and or symbols will be removed until authorized by appropriate authority.
  • Bates Security’s initial report will be provided by fax to the Maine Attorney General’s office.

Reporting a Hate Crime or Bias Incident

  • Call the Department of Securty and Campus Safety at 786-6254. A security officer will document the incident and when appropriate call in the Lewiston Police Department to collect evidence.
  • Report it anonymously here.
  • Report it to any of the the Deans of Students.
  • Report it to the Associate Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer.
  • Tell your JA or RC.