About the Office

Rooms 120 & 121, 2 Andrews Road Lane Hall Bates College Lewiston, ME 04240 Phone: (207) 753-6952 Fax: (207) 786-8393

Click below for more information on the staff of the Dean of Faculty’s Office and what each person’s responsibilities are:

VPAA and Dean of the Faculty, Matthew R. Auer
mauer@bates.edu, 207-786-6066

Associate Dean, Kathryn G. Low
klow@bates.edu, 207-786-6066

Associate Dean, Kirk Read
kread@bates.edu, 207-786-6067

Assistant Dean, Kerry A. O’Brien
kobrien@bates.edu, 207-753-6952

Assistant Dean, Grants and Budget Administrator: Jason Scheidemanjscheide@bates.edu,  Hedge 214, 207-753-6982

Assistant to the Dean of the Faculty, Margaret “Meg” Gresh, mgresh@bates.edu, 207-786-6066

Administrative Assistant, Lori L. Ouellette
louellet@bates.edu, 207-786-6067

Administrative Assistant and Supervisor of Academic Administrative Services, Alison M. Keegan
akeegan@bates.edu, 207-753-6952

Project Specialist, Nancy LePage
nlepage@bates.edu, 207-786-6480

Academic Administrative Assistants