Bates Learning Associates Program

Application Deadlines: by midnight on September 15, 2014, November 10, 2014, March 16, 2015, and April 20, 2015.

Proposal Guidelines and Application

The Bates Learning Associates Program is an exciting opportunity that enables faculty in the humanities and social sciences to bring to Bates scholars, experts, and practitioners who provide a real-world context for ideas and learning. These experts offer additional stimulus and provide new dimensions in learning that are especially valuable for students proceeding toward their senior thesis or a capstone experience. A generous endowment from The Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation funds the learning associates program.

The program welcomes applications from individual faculty members, clusters of faculty, interdisciplinary teams, multiple departments, programs, and other groups. A faculty selection committee reviews proposals and grants awards. That committee appreciates the need for long-range planning and invites applications for projects well in advance of implementation.

Address questions to Jason Scheideman via e-mail ( or via the Office of the Dean of Faculty, 121 Lane Hall.