Leaves of Absence


  • Prior Email Notification of Intent: 1 September to department or program chairs.
    Please identify the length and semester of the leave & whether or not it is contingent upon external funding.  Chairs of departments and program send notification by September 15 of those intending to apply for leaves along with three-year leave plans to Lori Ouellette, louellet@bates.edu, Dean of the Faculty’s Office.
  • Application Deadline: 1 November of the academic year preceding that in which the leave is to be taken.

For purposes of professional development, members of the faculty may apply for leaves of absence. To apply, please complete the Leave and Course Reduction Form. In the application, the faculty member should identify the length of the leave and whether or not it is contingent upon external funding. To be eligible for paid or unpaid leaves, faculty members shall teach full time at the College for no fewer than three consecutive academic or calendar years between paid or unpaid leaves of any kind. Exceptions are granted for medical disability and parental leaves and by petition to the Committee of Five. Normally no leave of absence will be considered for the subsequent academic year after a faculty member’s contract is returned on 15 March. Arrangements can be made with the Dean of the Faculty to allow for a later consideration because of late notification of funding awards.

When a leave of absence is required to accept a postdoctoral fellowship or other research grant, the Dean of the Faculty must approve of the application for the fellowship or grant prior to its application deadline. Such application must have the written approval of the appropriate department or program chair. With the leave of absence request, the program or department must submit a plan of leaves, a statement regarding the impact of the leave on the department’s or program’s course offerings, and a request for a replacement, if needed, so that the request can be evaluated with a full understanding of the needs of the program or department. Replacements are determined on the basis of curricular needs and available resources. Normally no leave of absence is granted for the purpose of completing work on the terminal academic degree.

When a faculty member takes a full-year- leave of absence, that faculty member neither earns a salary from Bates nor receives benefits for the period 1 August through 31 July. By working with Office of Human Resources, faculty on leave may make arrangements to continue to participate in the Bates-sponsored health care package by paying the costs themselves.

When a faculty member takes a leave of absence for a semester, the leave of absence is normally understood to last for four months, either during first semester (September through December) or during second semester (January through April). During the academic year of that leave of absence, the faculty member receives 50% of his or her salary for the year, and would contribute to benefits according to the requirements of the Three-Quarter Employee benefits level. Benefits extend over the twelve months of the academic year. This policy applies to the circumstance in which a faculty member combines a leave of absence with a pre-tenure leave. During the period of leave, the College’s contribution to the TIAA/CREF and FICA retirement programs are based on the salary actually paid by the College.

When a leave of absence is granted, any contractual agreement between the faculty member and the College is suspended during the period of leave. In accordance with personnel rules, a full-year leave does not count toward the probationary period for tenure or toward years of service for determining promotion or other employment benefits. Normally, a half-year leave does not retard such schedules. All such leaves are contingent upon the departments and programs either securing satisfactory replacements or making arrangements to cover the curriculum offerings.

A leave of absence that is combined with a disability, parental, or other kind of leave or a yearlong leave of absence must be negotiated with and approved by the Dean of the Faculty.

Faculty must teach three consecutive academic or calendar years between academic leaves of any kind. A faculty member granted a leave of absence is expected to return to the College.

All full-time, tenured/tenure track or multi-year faculty with a minimum of one academic year of service immediately preceding the leave period are eligible to apply for parental leaves. Applications for such leaves are subject to the same conditions and must have the approval of the Dean of the Faculty.