Proposing Faculty Lines

Statements of intent to apply are due by Monday, October 14, 2013.  Proposals are due on Friday, February 28, 2014. 

The process for applying for faculty lines has been simplified for the 2013-2014 academic year. Though resources remain very limited, the Dean of the Faculty’s office and the Division Chairs would appreciate the opportunity to review curricular aspirations broadly by allowing interested departments, programs and faculty groups to submit full proposals should they wish to do so, and by sharing information about intentions to apply across the college early in the year. There are two steps to the process: in the fall, a brief statement of intent to apply and a full proposal in the winter. We welcome feedback from departments and programs as we try out this approach in 2013-2014.  

Statements of intent to apply for a faculty line (due Monday, October 14, 2013):  Those intending to apply for a faculty line in February 2014 complete a brief online “Intent to Apply” form.  The form requests a title for the position, a brief description (no more than 150 words), the department(s) or program(s) where it would reside, and departments and programs with which it might directly connect. The statements of intent will be collected and shared with the faculty about November 1 to allow faculty across the college to learn more about their colleagues’ curricular aspirations and to consider collaborating as relevant on full proposals for positions. The deans and division chairs will review all submitted statements of intent, and faculty are welcome to contact their division chair or an associate dean of the faculty for an informal conversation about their submission before moving on to write the full proposal.   

Full proposals for a faculty line and the Active and Inclusive Search Plan (both due Friday, February 28, 2014 and submitted electronically to Shareen Gustin Proposals should explain whether the request fills a gap left by the departure of a faculty member, is an augmentation of a lectureship, or is a position where none has existed previously. When authorizing faculty lines, the Dean and Division Chairs (the Committee of Five) consider the needs of departments and programs, college-wide needs, including those of other departments and programs, General Education, the Mission Statement of Bates College as well as the criteria below.

Please work with colleagues in your own and other departments and programs who may have a stake in your proposal; think with an eye to the future of the college and to our future students, and plan broadly and collaboratively when you define a position. If helpful, consult with appropriate division chairs or with one of the associate deans as you create the request. The criteria the Committee of Five will use in their deliberations are summarized below.

  • What fundamental, curricular, co-curricular, and educational needs of our students would the position address? (e.g. new content areas, innovative pedagogy, established areas of inquiry, etc.)
  • How, specifically, would this position strengthen the college curriculum as a whole, including general education, minors and majors, and how might it strengthen teaching, thinking and collaboration across departments and programs.
  • How would it foster new approaches to teaching and faculty-students’ research?
  • How might the authorization affect course assignments, course patterns and/or course enrollments, including independent study, thesis advising, team teaching, and leaves?
  • How would the position enhance diverse perspectives within the College?
  • How is the position significant to the liberal arts and sciences mission of the college?

An active and inclusive search plan is a critical part of the proposal. After a position is approved,the search committee refines the Active and Inclusive Search Plan with the Chief Diversity Officer. The Dean of the Faculty and Chief Diversity Officer must approve the Active and Inclusive Search Plan before the position may be posted. In creating the plan, the search committee should identify specific actions that will make the search, recruitment, and review process attentive to diversity and inclusion. For guidelines see Active and Inclusive Search Plan.

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