Proposing Faculty Lines

Statements of intent to apply are due by October 15, 2017.  Proposals are due on January 12, 2018. 

The process for line allocation has changed for academic year 2017-18 only.  Please contact the Dean of Faculty Office at 207-786-6066 with any questions.


Though resources remain very limited, the Dean of the Faculty’s office and the Division Chairs would appreciate the opportunity to review curricular aspirations by inviting   departments, programs, and faculty groups, to inform the Academic Affairs Council of their interest in new faculty lines. There are two steps to the process: (1) in the fall, Chairs submit brief statements of intent to apply; (2) in the winter, Chairs submit full proposals.

Statements of intent to apply for a faculty line (due October 15, 2017):

Those intending to apply for a faculty line in January 2018 are encouraged to complete a brief online  “Intent to Apply” form.  The form requests a title for the position, a brief description (no more than 300 words), the department(s) or program(s) where it would reside, and departments and programs with which it might directly connect.  The deans and division chairs will review all submitted statements of intent, and the statements will be shared with the faculty by November 1 to allow faculty across the College to learn more about their colleagues’ curricular aspirations and to consider collaborating as relevant on full proposals.

Full Proposals for a faculty line and the Active and Inclusive Search Plan (both due January 12, 2018 and submitted electronically to Meg Gresh,

Please work with colleagues in your own and other departments and programs that may have a stake in your proposal; consider the mission and future of the College and the changing needs of students, and plan broadly and collaboratively when you define a position.

Please begin with a brief overview of your department or program including your learning goals and objectives and how your current staff (e.g., faculty, AIs and other staff) is arrayed to support your goals and objectives. Consider that the Academic Affairs Council is mindful of a variety of criteria as it deliberates on applications for faculty positions.  The AAC considers how proposed positions advance the College’s goals to promote embodied, curricular, and pedagogical diversity; how they support departments’ and programs’ abilities to invigorate the existing areas and foci of their curricula; how they embrace new areas that strengthen the College, how they address enrollment pressures; and whether and to what extent the positions benefit multiple departments and programs.  With the exception of diversity, which is expected to be addressed explicitly in every proposal for a tenure-track or long-term lecturer faculty line, the AAC does not expect all of these goals to be addressed in every proposal. It is also understood that these goals are not exhaustive.  Please consider these goals when answering the following questions. Your responses form the basis of the Academic Affairs Council’s deliberations.

  1. How would the proposed position’s areas of course coverage fit with the rest of the department’s/program’s curriculum and with faculty expertise in your department or program?  For example, how might this appointment affect course offerings and enrollments, thesis advising, leaves, and the depth and breadth of faculty research expertise?
  2. How does the proposed position address the department/program’s future configuration of courses or offerings? What are the future plans for the curriculum in the department/program or in related interdisciplinary programs?
  3. Would this appointment allow your department or program colleagues to collaborate with and/or contribute to other departments and programs?  Would this appointment allow you to address educational and curricular needs of the College beyond your major and minor programs?
  4. How would the proposed position enhance diverse and inclusive perspectives in the College?

An Active and Inclusive Search Plan is a critical part of the proposal. After a position is approved, the search committee refines the Active and Inclusive Search Plan with the Chief Diversity Officer. The Dean of the Faculty and Chief Diversity Officer must approve the Active and Inclusive Search Plan before the position may be posted. In creating the plan, the search committee should identify specific actions that will make the search, recruitment, and review process attentive to diversity and inclusion. For guidelines see Active and Inclusive Search Plan.

Faculty are encouraged to contact their division chair or an associate dean of the faculty for an informal conversation about their proposal at any stage of  this process, either before submitting the statement of intent, before submitting the full proposal, or both.

As always, we welcome feedback from departments and programs regarding this process for proposing faculty lines.