Faculty Calendar Deadlines

The following items are due to the Dean of the Faculty’s Office by the dates noted.  Please see the specific guidelines for submission.

September 1:  3 Year Plan of Leaves:  Faculty to notify their Department/Program Chair of intent to apply for a course reduction or leave (Phillips Fellowships, Enhanced sabbatical, Sabbatical, Pre-tenure leave, or Leave of absence) for 2014-15, 2015-16 or 2016-17.

September 3:  Fall ’13 semester begins.

  • First Year Seminars begin at 8:30 AM
  • Convocation4:10 PM

September 5:  Personnel letters due.

September 9:  Faculty Meeting with reception immediately following, 4:15 PM @ Muskie Archives, Rm 201

September 11 – 17:  Fall ’13 registration adjustment period (add/drop) opens for all students – Instructor permission is required.  Last day for registration adjustments is September 17th.

September 16:  Faculty submit Phillips Faculty Fellowship electronic application.

September 27 – 29:  Parents and Families Weekend

September 30:  New faculty submit their course proposals for Winter and Short Term on Garnet Gateway.

October 1:

  • Faculty submit Extra-Cost Short Term proposal form with letters of approval from Chairs to the Off-Campus Study office for review by the Off-Campus Study Committee.
  • Candidates submit outside evaluator names and an updated vita to DOF (personnel review for promotion)

October 7:  Faculty Meeting, 4:15pm @ Muskie Archives, Room 201

October 14:

  • Faculty submit their Extra-Cost Short Term course for approval using the online course proposal system in Garnet Gateway (under the Course Maintenance menu)
  • Faculty submit Short Term 2014 new course proposals due REGISTRAR

October 16 – 20:  Fall Recess

November 1:

  • Faculty submit electronic applications for Enhanced sabbaticals, Sabbaticals, Pre-tenure leaves, Leaves of absence, and Course reductions to DOF.
  • Personnel letters due from Chairs and colleagues for tenure candidates to DOF.

November 15:

  • Faculty submit proposals for GECs for next academic year on the Garnet Gateway
  • Faculty submit proposal for new Fall 2014 FYSs to REGISTRAR

November 22:  Faculty submit petitions for Winter 2014 semester courses to REGISTRAR.

November 23 – December 1:  Thanksgiving Recess.

December 2:

  • Faculty meeting, 4:15 PM @ Muskie Archives, Room 201
  • Phillips Fellowship Dinner and presentation following the Faculty meeting, 6:00 PM @ New Commons, Rooms 221/222.

December 6:  Classes end, 4:00 PM

December 10:  Final Examinations begin, 8:00 AM.

December 14:  Final Examinations end, 12:30 PM.

December 14 – January 5:  Holiday Recess

December 25:  Submit Fall 2013 final grades to Registrar

January 6:  Winter ’14 semester begins.

  • Faculty Meeting, 4:15 PM @ Muskie Archives, Room 201
  • Phillips Fellowship Dinner and presentation following Faculty meeting, 6:00 PM @ New Commons, Rooms 221/222.

January 15:

  • Faculty submit proposals for new courses for Fall 2014 and Winter 2015, including First-Year Seminars and W1 on Garnet Gateway.
  • Faculty submit requests to add or remove General Education Attributes (S, L, Q, W) to existing courses on the Garnet Gateway.

January 17:  Last day for Winter 2014 registration adjustments (adds).

January 20:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (workshops take the place of classes)

February 1 – 7:  Registration for Off-Campus and alternate date Short Term courses.

February 3:  Faculty Meeting, 4:15 PM @ Muskie Archives, Room 201

February 15 – 23:  Winter Recess.

  • Personnel letters due for promotion.

February 28:  Last day for withdrawal from winter semester courses (drops)

March 3:  Faculty Meeting, 4:15 PM @ Muskie Archives, Room 201

March 8 – 14:  Registration for on-campus Short Term and Fall ’14 semester.

March 15:  Candidate submits outside evaluator names and an updated vita for tenure personnel review.

March 28:  Mt. David Summit

  • Faculty submit student petitions for Fall 2014 semester courses.

April 1:  Faculty submit application for additional faculty travel funds to Jason Scheideman.

April 4:  Classes end, winter semester.  4:00 PM

April 7:  Faculty Meeting, 4:15 PM @ Muskie Archives, Room 201

April 8:  Final Examinations begin.  8:00 AM

April 12:  Final Examinations end.  12:30 PM

April 12 – 20:  Spring Recess

April 21:  Short Term ’14 begins

April 22:  Submit final grades for Winter 2014 to REGISTRAR

April 23:  Last day for on-campus Short Term registration adjustments (adds)

April 25:  Last day for withdrawal from on-campus Short Term courses (drops)

May 5:  Faculty Meeting with luncheon.  Noon @ Muskie Archives, Room 201 (Subject to Change).

May 21:  Last possible due date for Winter 2014 deferred grades for seniors – REGISTRAR

May 23:

  • Short Term classes end.  4:00 PM
  • Deadline to notify Registrar’s office of any senior failing a Short Term 2014 course.  12:00 PM

May 23 – 25:  Commencement Weekend

June 3:  Faculty to submit final grades for Short Term 2014 to REGISTRAR

June 6 – 8:  Reunion Weekend

June 15:  Faculty submit Professional Activities Report (PAR) to

June 30:  Fiscal Year End

  • Faculty submit all invoices to Accounting Office.

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