Faculty Changes 2013-2014


Jennifer Adair, Visiting Professor of History

Jessica Anthony, Lecturer in English

Matthew Auer, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Environmental Studies

Ronald Barry, Lecturer in Biology

Misty Beck, Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Meryem Belkaïd, Visiting Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies

Jesse Bengson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

Gretchen Berg, Lecturer in Theater

Aimée Bessire, Lecturer in Art and Visual Culture

Gerald Bigelow, Lecturer in History

Jonathan Cavallero, Assistant Professor of Rhetoric

Shuqin Cui, Lecturer in Chinese

Shatanjaya Dasgupta, Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics

Alice Doughty, Lecturer in Geology

Michael Durst, Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics

Paul Eason, Visiting Assistant Professor of History

Rebecca Fraser-Thill, Lecturer in Psychology

Judy Gailen, Lecturer in Theater

Travis Gould, Assistant Professor of Physics

Britt Halvorson, Lecturer in Anthropology

Lea Johnson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Patrick Jokiel, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Penelope Jones, Lecturer in Art and Visual Culture

Donald Kimmel, Lecturer in Biology

Susan Langdon, Lecturer in Psychology

Marina Loginova, Visiting Instructor in Russian

Katherine Mathis, Lecturer in Psychology

Benjamin Moodie, Visiting Instructor in Sociology

Ryan Nelson, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Brooke O’Harra, Assistant Professor of Theater

Scott Ordway, Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

David Perkins, Visiting Instructor in Politics

George Perkins, Visiting Associate Professor of Economics

James Porter, Lecturer in Physics

Gary Rattigan, Lecturer in Art and Visual Culture

Stephanie Richards, Lecturer in Biology

Joaquín Romero Gallego, Lecturer in Spanish

Joshua Rubin, Lecturer in Anthropology

Jason Scheideman, Lecturer in Politics

Paul Schofield, Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in the Humanities and Lecturer in Philosophy

William Seeley, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Laura Sewall, Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Denis Sweet, Professor Emeritus in German

Nicholas Valvo, Lecturer in English

Lauren Vedal, Lecturer in English

Hisaaki Wake, Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese

Aaron Winkler, Lecturer in Biology


Faculty Not Returning

David Domínguez-Navarro, Visiting Instructor in Spanish

Glen Ernstrom, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology

Mollie Godfrey, Visiting Assistant Professor of English

Joshua Henry, Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Katharine Johanesen, Lecturer in Geology

Sonya Kahlenberg, Lecturer in Biology

Ruth Lexton, Visiting Assistant Professor of English

Beata Niedzialkowska, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art and Visual Culture

Matteo Pangallo, Visiting Assistant Professor of English

Peter Richards, Lecturer in Theater

Sherry Russell, Lecturer in Education

Mitchell Scharman, Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology

Peter Steele, Visiting Instructor in Music

Brian Steininger, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies and Japanese

Rania Sweis, Visiting Assistant Professor of Anthropology

John Thompson, Visiting Associate Professor of History

Benjamin Weiss, Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Ming Yan, Visiting Instructor in Chinese

Retiring Faculty

John Cole, Thomas Hedley Reynolds Professor Emeritus of History

Thomas Hayward, Lecturer Emeritus in Classical and Medieval Studies

Atsuko Hirai, Kazushige Hirasawa Professor Emerita of History

John Kelsey, Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Bonnie Shulman, Professor Emerita of Mathematics


Changes in Academic Rank

Peter Casares, Lecturer in Physical Education

Amy Douglass, Professor of Psychology

Beverly Johnson, Professor of Geology

Sonja Pieck, Associate Professor of Environmental Studies


Changes in Faculty Administrative Title

Dennis Browne to chair, Department of German and Russian Studies (Winter Semester and Short Term)

Raluca Cernahoschi to chair, Department of German and Russian Studies (Fall Semester)

Rebecca Corrie to chair, Program in Classical and Medieval Studies

David Cummiskey to chair, Department of Philosophy

Gina Fatone to chair, Department of Music

Sanford Freedman to chair, Department of English

David George to chair, Program in European Studies

Nancy Kleckner to chair, Program in Neuroscience

Michael Retelle to chair, Department of Geology

Paula Schlax to chair, Program in Biological Chemistry


Faculty on Leave

Senem Aslan (Politics), Winter Semester

Rachel Austin (Chemistry), Academic Year

Charles Carnegie (Anthropology), Academic Year

Craig Decker (German and Russian Studies), Academic Year

Alejandro Dellachiesa (Economics), Fall Semester

Francesco Duina (Sociology), Academic Years 2013-2015

Elizabeth Eames (Anthropology), Academic Year

Stephen Engel (Politics), Academic Year

Xing Fan (Asian Studies), Academic Year

Robert Feintuch (Art and Visual Culture), Winter Semester

Marsha Graef (Physical Education), Fall Semester

Rebecca Herzig (Women and Gender Studies), Academic Year

Hilmar Jensen (History), Academic Year

Sharon Kinsman (Biology), Fall Semester and Short Term

Nancy Koven (Psychology), Academic Year

Hong Lin (Physics), Academic Year

Nathan Lundblad (Physics), Fall Semester

Christine McDowell (Theater), Fall Semester

Karen Melvin (History), Academic Year

Hiroya Miura (Music), Academic Year

Michael Murray (Economics), Academic Year

Lillian Nayder (English), Academic Year

Mark Okrent (Philosophy), Academic Year

Matthew Pettway (Spanish), Academic Year

George Purgavie (Physical Education), Fall Semester

Michael Sargent (Psychology), Winter Semester

Rebecca Sommer (Biology), Academic Year

Sarah Strong (Asian Studies), Winter Semester

Katalin Vecsey (Theater and Dance), Winter Semester

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