Whom to See for What

Academic Resources:

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty: Matt Auer, mauer@bates.edu, 786-6066, 120 Lane Hall

Associate dean of the faculty, natural sciences & mathematics and social sciences: Kathryn Low, klow@bates.edu, 786-6066, 120 Lane Hall

Associate dean of the faculty, humanities and interdisciplinary studies; first-year seminar: Kirk Read, kread@bates.edu, 786-6067, 121 Lane Hall

Academic Administrative Assistants: provide administrative support for faculty (i.e. scheduling space, scheduling meetings, etc.)

Budgets and Administration; Jason Scheideman, assistant dean of the faculty, jscheide@bates.edu, 753-6982, 214 Hedge Hall

Career Development Center: working closely with students, alumni, employers and colleagues at every stage of the career development process. bcdc@bates.edu, 786-6232, 53 Campus Ave.

Computer User Services: Andrew White, director, awhite@bates.edu, 786-6491, Pettengill G19

Faculty Development Grants: Kathy Low, associate dean of the faculty, klow@bates.edu, and Alison Keegan, akeegan@bates.edu,786-6066/753-6952; a variety of intramural grants make support available for research and curriculum development

Harward Center for Community Partnerships: Darby Ray, director, dray3@bates.edu, 786-6202, 161/163 Wood Street

Information & Library Services: Gene Wiemers, director, ewiemers@bates.edu, 786-6260

Ladd Library: reference and first-year seminar contact: Laura Juraska, associate college librarian for reference services, 786-8324, Ladd Library

Mathematics and Statistics workshop:  Grace Coulombe, director, gcoulomb@bates.edu, 786-8374, Learning Commons, Ladd Library

Peer Science Leaders: Louise Brogan, Writing Specialist for Science and Quantitative Writing, lbrogan@bates.edu, 786-6985, 224 Coram Library

Peer Writing Assistance–Writing at Bates: Daniel Sanford, Director of Writing, dsanford@bates.edu, 786-6160, Coram 228.

Project Specialist (faculty recruiting, honors program, graduate studies), Nancy LePage, nlepage@bates.edu 786-6480

Registrar: Mary Meserve, registrar, mmeserve@bates.edu, registrar@bates.edu, 755-5949, fax-786-8350, Libbey Forum, 44 Mountain Avenue

Student research: Kerry O’Brien and Alison Keegan, kobrien@bates.edu and akeegan@bates.edu, 786-6065/753-6952; grant support (various deadlines) is available for students conducting thesis research or independent studies, as well as research during the summer

Writing at Bates: Daniel Sanford, director, dsanford@bates.edu, writing@bates.edu, 786-6160, 228 Coram Library

Student Resources:
Athletics: Kevin McHugh, director, kmchugh@bates.edu, 786-6341, Alumni Gym; Physical Education class requirements: Sue Harriman, assistant director, sharrima@bates.edu, 786-6238, Alumni Gym

Dean of Students: Josh McIntosh, dean of students, jmcintos@bates.edu, 786-6219, 102 Lane Hall

First-year students and learning differences: Holly Gurney, associate dean of students, hgurney@bates.edu, 786-6220, 104 Lane Hall; Ree Russell, administrative assistant, 786-6220, 104 Lane Hall.

Harward Center for Community Partnerships: Marty Deschaines, assistant director for community volunteerism and student development, mdeschai@bates.edu, 786-8273; Kristen Cloutier, kcloutie@bates.edu, assistant director for center operations, 786-6202, 163 Wood Street.

Health services: Christy Tisdale, director, ctisdale@bates.edu, 786-6199, 31 Campus Avenue

International student advisor and advisor of transfer and non-traditional students: James Reese, associate dean of students, jreese@bates.edu, 786-6222, 101 Lane Hall

Office of Intercultural Education: Julisa De Los Santos, Assistant Dean, 786-8303, jdelossa@bates.edu, Chase Hall

Sophomore Dean and Student Conduct: Carl Steidel, assistant dean of students, csteidel@bates.edu, 786-6220, 103 Lane Hall; Ree Russell, administrative assistant, 786-6220, 104 Lane Hall.

Student Activities Office: 786-6305, Chase Hall

Student financial services: Wendy Glass, director, 786-6096, fax-786-8350, finaid@bates.edu (financial aid), finoff@bates.edu (student billing), Libbey Forum, 44 Mountain Avenue

Student housing: Erin Foster-Zsiga, director of housing, efoster@bates.edu, 786-6215, Lane Hall

Other Resources:

Access Control Office: Keys, Bates I.D. cards, Susan Nattress, 786-6379

Campus security: Tom Carey, director, tcarey@bates.edu, 786-6254, 245 College Street

Chaplain: Emily Wright-Magoon, Acting Multifaith Chaplain, ewrightm@bates.edu, 753-6906; Raymond Clothier, acting associate multifaith chaplain, rclothie@bates.edu, 786-6125,        163 Wood Street

Classroom technology and events support (CTES): ctes@lists.bates.edu, 786-6424, 118 Pettigrew Hall; Scott Tiner, stiner@bates.edu, 786-6396, 116 Pettigrew Hall

College Bookstore: Sarah Potter, director, spotter@bates.edu, 786-6120; Becky Lovett, textbooks and assistant manager, rlovett@bates.edu, 786-8213, Chase Hall

Computer purchases: Computer sales and service, computer_sales@bates.edu, 786-6376, 110 Russell Street

Computing help desk serviceshelpdesk@bates.edu, for computer and phone issues, 786-8222, Ladd Library, 1st floor

Dining services: Cheryl Lacey, director clacey@bates.edu, 786-8355, New Commons

Employee benefits: Brenda Sawyer, 786-6176

Digital Media, Classroom, and Event Support: Scott Tiner, stiner@bates.edu, 786-6396, Pettigrew Hall, Room 116; Kristen Carey, kcarey@bates.edu, 786-6487, 118A Pettigrew Hall;

Facilities Services: building services, repair, moving furniture, 786-6449

Off-Campus Study: Steve Sawyer, associate dean of students and director, 786-6223, ssawyer@bates.edu, 124 Roger Williams Hall

Office Services, Print and Mail: campus pickup and delivery, packages and stamps, printing and paper, Laurie Henderson, lhenders@bates.edu, 786-6228

Parking: Security and Campus Safety, Mike Voisine, Parking coordinator, mvoisine@bates.edu,      786-6254, 245 College Street

Reimbursement for Faculty: meetings, travel, start-up funds, Jason Scheideman, jscheide@bates.edu, 753-6982, 214 Hedge Hall

Visas for International Visitors:  Kerry O’Brien, assistant dean of the faculty, kobrien@bates.edu, 786-6065