Dean’s Notice

What is a Dean’s Notice?

A Dean’s Notice is a communication to a faculty member informing them of an extenuating circumstance with a student.  Notices are provided when an unforeseen and/or unavoidable event occurs in a student’s life that may prevent class attendance, completion of an exam, and/or assignment on time.  Please see below to learn what does or does not constitute a Dean’s Notice.

Dean’s Notices are for:

  • Serious illness
  • Medical appointments
  • Family emergencies (deaths, serious illness)
  • Surgery
  • Injury
  • Debate
  • Court dates
  • Other extenuating circumstances (final approval rests with the Dean of Students)

Dean’s Notices are NOT for:

  • Travel
  • Interviews
  • Athletic competitions*
  • Weddings
  • Family vacations
  • Holidays

*Managed by Athletics

In addition, Dean’s Notices will be provided for final exams only in cases of medical or mental health concerns.  Otherwise, if a student would like to move an exam from the date and time it is scheduled, the student must petition the Academic Standing Committee for permission to do so.

How do I request a Dean’s Notice?

A Dean’s Notice may be requested by:

  • Contacting the Health Center for medical or mental health issues
  • Sending an email to for urgent requests.  A meeting with either Dean McIntosh or Dean Steidel may be necessary for approval.

Supporting documentation is required for all Dean’s Notices.  Additionally, a Dean’s Notice will not be provided retroactively except on rare occasions when the student is incapacitated.  As with all Dean’s Notices, final approval will rest with the Dean of Students.

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