Electives for all students

The Department of Economics will no longer offer a minor starting with the class of 2013.

100 and 200 Level Electives

The Economics Department welcomes non-majors into its courses. The most popular courses for non-majors are the two introductory courses, 101 and 103. The following courses are open to all students, majors and non-majors alike, who have completed 101 and/or 103. Majors may count one 200-level elective towards the major.

221 The World Economy
222 Environmental Economics
223 Law and Economics
228 Antitrust and Regulation
229 Economics of Greater China
231 The Economic Development of Japan
237 Introduction to Behavioral Economics
241 China’s Economic Reform
242 Work and Workers in China

Complete descriptions and any prerequisites can be found in the College Catalog.

Short Term Units

The Department has numerous Short Term offerings. Secondary concentrators only may count one Short Term unit towards the secondary concentration. Current offerings include:

s21 Principles and Applications of Accounting
s30 Visualizing Environmental Justice Using GIS
s32 International Ecotourism: Picasso, Parks, and Picadillos
s33 Valuation of Human-Altered Ecosystems
s50 Independent Study

Detailed descriptions and any pre-requisites can be found in the College Catalog.