Past Theses

Theses for the Classes of 2012

Name (2012) Thesis Title
Alden Abad Mega Sports Events Host: Worth the Intangibles? – Prof. Riera-Crichton
Kyle Aulet Biomass at Bates College: An In Depth Cost Benefit Analysis Analysis of Switching Bates from Natural Gas to Biomass Heating – Prof. Dellachiesa
Matthew Brady The Shadow Economy in the United States: A Currency Demand Analysis of Its Size, Causes, and Significances – Prof. Hughes
Reed S. Brown
(Environmental Studies Major)
Whitewater Rafting in Maine: A Travel Cost Study – Prof. Lewis
Shervin Chambers The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy of Small Island Economies: The Case of the Eastern Caribbean States – Prof. Riera-Crichton
Reid Christian Capital Structure of Nonprofit Organizations – Prof. Perkins
Christopher James Chu An Analysis Measuring the True Impact of China’s Accession to the WTO: The Evolution of Consumerism in the Chinese Economy – Prof. Maurer-Fazio
Michael Ciummei The Effects of Mandatory Savings on Private Savings – Prof. Perkins
Remy Corvese The Effect of Newer Drugs on Non-Drug Medical Expenditures in the United States: An Analysis Using the 2008 Medical Expenditure Panel Survey – Prof. Hughes
Muhammad Ali Dahirr Crowding-Out in Educational Firms: The Effect of Government Grants on Private Donations – Prof. Hughes
Brett Epler Made in China: The Effect of China’s Exchange Rate Realignments on the Global Economy – Prof. Aschauer
Kelsey Flaherty The Effects of Alcohol Consumption on Academic Achievement in College: An Empirical Analysis – Prof. Murray
Alexander Greenberg Do Returns to Schooling Differ by Undergraduate Major? Estimating Unemployment Rates for Recent Graduates of a Highly Selective Private Liberal Arts College – Prof. Hughes
Jason Revere Hichborn Food Insecurity and Malnutrition in the United States: Is the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children a Solution? – Prof. Tefft
Tasnia Huque Capital Flows and the EMBI Total Return Index? – Prof. Riera-Crichton
Romina Istratii The EKC Hypothesis for Local and Global Pollutants – Prof. Dellachiesa
Ian A. Jones Do Industry Growth Opportunities Determine the Level of Stock Option Based Compensation in Executive Compensation Contracts: An Empirical Investigation – Prof. Maurer-Fazio
Andrew James Kageleiry Macroeconomic Conditions and the Utilization of Preventive Medical Services – Prof. Tefft
Xiaoxue (Elva) Li Harvard vs. Qsing-Hua: Interview Preference of Current Chinese Labor Market on Education Background – Prof. Maurer-Fazio
Wong Yoon Loong The Environmental Kuznets Curve for Water Pollution: An Empirical Analysis of the Lower Mekong Basin – Prof. Lewis
Li Lu Environmental Effects of Trade Liberalization: The Cases of Nafta and Mercosur – Prof. Dellachiesa
Jixuan (Nancy) Ma Exporting Our Trees: Deforestation in Sub-Saharan African and Forestry Exports in China – Prof. Maurer-Fazio
Wajdan Mahbub An Investigation into the Determination of Oil Prices – Prof. Dellachiesa
Ian Mahmud Pieces of the Capital Structure Puzzle: Testing Theoretical Predictions for Cash Flow and the Value of Physical Assets as Determinants of Leverage – Prof. Perkins
Michael P. Massare Identifying the Effects of State Corporate Income Taxes on Worker Wages: A Summary and Analysis of State Corporate Taxation Policy – Prof. Schwinn
Allison Mandra The Potential for a Global Reserve Asset: A Critical Analysis of Proposed Reforms to the International Monetary System – Prof. Riera-Crichton
Metehan Mete How Has the European Economic Integration Influenced the Industrial Specialization Patterns of EU Countries from 1991 to 2007? – Prof. Riera-Crichton
Khin O. Min The Effects of Oil Endowment on Economic Growth: A Cross-Sectional Study – Prof. Dellachiesa
James S. Moody ESOP and Company Performance – Prof. Schwinn
Shauna Mulvihill
(Environmental Studies Major)
Show Me the Money: Drivers of Container Recycling – Prof. Lewis
Ngoc Ngo The Impacts of Budget Cuts in K-12 Education on Student Achievement–A Good Spending Formula Would Help – Prof. Maurer-Fazio
Palo Peirce Investigation of Idiosyncratic Risk and Composition of Portfolios Formed on Size and Book-to-Market Ratio from June 1958 to June 1968 – Prof. Schwinn
Shachi Phene The Effects of Government Grants on Donations to Religiously Affiliated Not-For-Profits: Is There Crowd-Out? – Prof. Perkins
Patrick Quinn Juice or Gas? An Analysis of the Effect Rising Gasoline Prices Have on Grocery Purchases of Cranberry Juice – Prof. Dellachiesa
Maggie Reilly
(Environmental Studies Major)
Willingness to Pay for Fair Trade Coffee – Prof. Lewis
Derek Simpson Personal Income Taxation and Charitable Giving in the United States – Prof. Perkins
Amanda Sirianni Health Risks and New Mercury Rules – Prof. Lewis
Lee M. Smith Finding a Solution to the Problems Created by Unintended Pregnancies – Prof. Tefft
John Edward Squires III Lessons from the Swiss: Comparing Healthcare Systems of the United States and Switzerland – Prof. Tefft
Hope Staneski An Economic Comparison of Student Achievement in For-Profit and Nonprofit Charter Schools in Florida – Prof. Maurer-Fazio
Sylvia T. Staneva The European Maastricht Convergence Criteria and the Stability and Growth Pact Revisited: Time for a Change? – Prof. Riera-Crichton
Prasetyo Pratama Sukirno Explaining Indonesia’s Performance in the 2008-09 “Great Recession”
Dylan Taylor The Impact Athletic Status and Success has on Alumni Donations: Evidence from Colleges and Universities – Prof. Perkins
Lindsay Thompson
(Environmental Studies Major)
An Economic Valuation of Alewives on the Androscoggin River Watershed Using Internet and Mail Surveys – Prof. Lewis
Christina H. Yeung Ethanol Production and Its Impact on Corn Price in the United States –
Prof. Schwinn