Alejandro Dellachiesa

  • 207-786-6047
  • Economics
  • Assistant Professor
  • Pettengill Hall, Room 270
  • Latin American Studies

Ph.D. in Economics, The University of Tennessee<br /><br /> M.S. in Agricultural Economics, The University of Tennessee
M.S. in Agricultural Economics, The University of Tennessee
M.B.A. in Economics and International Business, University of Belgrano
B.S. in Agricultural Economics, University of Belgrano

Prof. Dellachiesa’s CV 2014

Fields of Interest: International Trade, Energy Economics, Agricultural Economics

Selected publications:

Dellachiesa, A., Yu T.E., The Long-run Impact of Energy Use, Output and Trade on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Mercosur Member States: A Panel Cointegration Analysis. (Revise and Resubmit Energy Economics)

Clark, D.P., Dellachiesa A., 2013. Industrial and Agricultural Pollution Patterns. Global Economy Journal 13(1), 1-24

Clark, D.P., Dellachiesa A., 2011. Cross-country Pollution Patterns. Applied Economics Letters 18(9), 799-804

Overview of research and teaching:

Alejandro Dellachiesa’s research Interests focus on topics in international trade, but extended broadly to overlap with the fields of energy economics, agricultural economics, and the related field of trade and pollution. Generally speaking, he is interested in exploring the nexus among trade agreements, energy, economic growth, and pollution in an economic framework.

Prior to Bates he worked for more than a decade at the Agricultural Policy Analysis Center, the Experimental Center of Agricultural Technology, and the National Agricultural Program.

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