Alejandro Dellachiesa

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Ph.D. in Economics, The University of TennesseeIMG_0945
M.S. in Agricultural Economics, The University of Tennessee
M.B.A. in Economics and International Business, University of Belgrano
B.S. in Agricultural Economics, University of Belgrano

Prof. Alejandro E. Dellachiesa’s CV

Fields of Interest: International Trade, Energy and Environmental Economics, Agricultural Economics

Selected publications:

Dellachiesa, A., Yu T.E., The Long-run Impact of Energy Use, Output and Trade on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Mercosur Member States: A Panel Cointegration Analysis. (Revise and Resubmit Energy Economics)

Dellachiesa, A., Myint A.P., (Bates 14’). Water Pollution from Industrial Sources: Is Dirty the New Clean? (Under Review)

Clark, D.P., Dellachiesa A., 2013. Industrial and Agricultural Pollution Patterns. Global Economy Journal 13(1), 1-24

Clark, D.P., Dellachiesa A., 2011. Cross-country Pollution Patterns. Applied Economics Letters 18(9), 799-804

De La Torre Ugarte, D., Dellachiesa A., 2007. “Advancing the Agricultural Trade Agenda:
Beyond Subsidies” Georgetown International Environmental Law Review 21(4), 729-748

Overview of research and teaching:

Professor Dellachiesa’s research interests include the fields of international trade, environmental and energy economics, and agricultural and resource economics. Prior to joining Bates, Prof. Dellachiesa worked as a Research Associate at the Agricultural Policy Analysis Center (APAC) at the University of Tennessee.

Teaching experience:

Econ 333 – International Trade (2010-2014)
Econ 315 – Energy Economics (2010-2014)
Econ S25 – The Economy of Latin America (2015)
Econ 103 – Principles of Macroeconomics (2010-2014)
Econ 322 – The Global Economy: Trade and Development (2009 at UTK)
AgEcon 420 – International Trade and Agricultural Marketing (Co-instructor 2009 at UTK)

Prof. Alejandro Dellachiesa’s Personal Web Page