George Perkins

George M. Perkins



Visiting Associate Professor

Hedge Hall, Room 315

Pettengill Hall,

Ph.D. in Economics, Boston College
A.B. in Economics, Honors Program, Boston College

Curriculum Vitae

Fields of interest: Public Finance, Not-for-Profit organizations, Monetary and Financial Economics.

Selected publications:

John F. O’Connell and George M. Perkins, “The Economics of Private Liberal Arts Colleges,” Journal of Business. 76, 3 (July, 2003).

John F. O’Connell and George M. Perkins, “In Search of the Unknown,” Economic Letters, 74 (2002), pp. 407-414.

George M. Perkins, “Wealth Neutralizing Grants and the Price Elasticity of Public Education,” American Economic Review, September 1984, pp. 814-819.

George M. Perkins, “The Demand for Local Public Goods: Elasticities of Demand for Own Price, Cross Prices, and Income,” National Tax Journal, December 1977, pp. 411-421.