Meet the Coordinators

Did we mention we’re all student run?


Jordan Cargill, head coordinator, demonstrates his dedication to AESOP


AESOP is still an entirely student-run operation- top to bottom, inside and out. This means that while we work in conjunction with a faculty advisor, we are pretty much free to explore new trip ideas and keep the program fresh and student focused!

We are highly dedicated to making this the best AESOP yet! We have already started preparing for this fall and will work continuously throughout the summer in preparation for your arrival on campus in August. We look forward to meeting each of you and hope you are all excited about coming to Bates! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at We’ll answer your questions as quickly as possible, but bear in mind that there are many of you and only a few of us, so please be patient!

Nat Silver ’16- Head Coordinator

Hometown: Bennington, VT

10334393_10205110466348334_4821875353186236830_nWhat AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? ***cricket cricket cricket***

I’m Nat. Here are some things about me:

  • I am one of the head coordinators this year.
  • I am from VERMONT!!
  • I love vermont.
  • I take maple syrup with me most plac
    es (even abroad in Nepal, because fake syrup is down right UNACCEPTABLE).
  • I’m a big cyclist and I love hiking.
  • I just returned to Bates from a semester in Nepal where I got to see some pretty cool mountains and do a little trekking.
  • At Bates I double major in history and ceramics, play a little frisbee and work on planning aesop A LOT.
  • I can’t whistle

I think that AESOP as a program is indicative of Bates as whole in the way that we are completely student run. Bates is the kind of place where students can do things like send out 45 dope trips into the wilderness of Maine and New hampshire, and you as a first year get the amazing opportunity to have your first days of college not in a classroom, but out with other students on a lake or a mountain top. We are all really excited for you to get here and we hope you are too!

Jordan Cargill ’16 – Head Coordinator

Hometown: Tamworth, NHAESOP pic

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Climbing

Let me begin with an analogy. AESOP is to me as rice cakes are to Nat… and believe me Nat loves her rice cakes. She practically can’t survive without them. BUT in all seriousness I love AESOP and I cannot imagine my Bates career without it as the backbone of my experiences. I’m SUPER excited to be a coordinator and help give you an even better experience than I had (it will be tough but I believe we are up to the challenge)!

Anyways, a little about myself. I am a Junior Geology major with an affinity for anything that gets me into the woods. I love to ski, climb, mountain bike, backpack, fly-fish, canoe, swim… you get the idea. I grew up in a small town in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, which is one of the greatest natural playgrounds in the northeast. Lucky for you there are several AESOP’s that adventure all over the Whites! At Bates I’m active in the outing club and do as many trips as I can fit into my schedule. I am currently on a semester abroad in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, an island archipelago in the Arctic Circle north of Norway. Don’t worry, I won’t let the polar pears and Arctic night prevent me from working on AESOP. I will be counting down the days until trips go out at the end of August and helping Nat as she holds down the fort on campus. This summer I will be busy getting everything set for the BEST ASEOP EVER and doing some research for my senior thesis in the Whites on the side.

Enjoy senior spring and have a great summer and I’ll see ya at the end of August!

Sasha Lennon ’16 – Head Coordinator

Hometown: Cape Elizabeth, ME

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Evan’s NotchIMG_6030

Welcome, class of 2019, to the most wonderful place! The Bates experience is unlike another, and it all begins with you on an AESOP trip! As an incoming first year who was particularly ambivalent about the whole college thing, I can honestly say that my AESOP trip is what has allowed me to thrive at Bates. Now, three years later, I’m sitting here anxiously awaiting your arrival. There’s really nothing like the experiences you will have and connections you make in beautiful New England with your student leaders and fellow first years on an AESOP trip.

After my stellar AESOP experience, I got involved in intramural soccer, the outing club, the Bates Arts Society, and all events offering chai tea and cookies here on campus. I’m a Mainah (Maine-er) at heart, having grown up on the rocky coast and spent every weekend of my childhood skiing or hiking up and down mountains. I am a studio art and psychology double major, meaning I get to participate in class discussions, take lecture notes, photograph my favorite things, AND throw clay on the wheel all in one day (the liberal arts are a godsend, lemme tell ya). I will be studying abroad in Indonesia for the spring semester, where I’ll be wholeheartedly immersed in the community and working on conservation efforts.

I’m eagerly counting down the days until AESOP 2015 kicks off, see ya there!

Jamo Karsten ’17 – Assistant Coordinator

Hometown: East Grand Rapids, MI

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Saddleback


Hello Class of 2019, and WELCOME to Bates! In my experience so far at college, AESOP has provided me with some of the best memories I have had at Bates, both as an entering student and as a leader. The program breaks down the social barriers between total strangers unlike anything I have ever witnessed, and combines the New England outdoors with engaged student leadership, community building, and boatloads of FUN! All of which to say provides a quintessentially Bates experience for you and your fellow classmates to kick off the beginning of your college career. As an assistant coordinator it is my job to help facilitate this process for y’all to the best of my ability, along with my other fellow coordinators!

Some notes about who I am as an individual. I hail from the land of the hand, the great state of Michigan. It is my humble Midwestern roots that provide me with a profound appreciation for the value of AESOP and the incredible beauty and accessibility of the outdoors here in New England.   I am an avid runner and reader, and enjoy getting out on some trail to catch some views and have some good conversation. I love to play Spikeball, watch all sorts of sports, and head down to Portland every once in a while for a good meal or a concert. I love this wonderful liberal arts institution, I love the people I have met here and the experiences I have had. It has been a formative experience so far, to say the least. I hope to begin a similarly exciting, and yet uniquely different Bates experience for YOU through AESOP this coming August!

Audrey Puleio ’17 – Assistant Coordinator

Hometown: Saco, ME

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Mahoosuc II


Welcome, class of 2019 to the most epic, adventurous, exciting, fun-filled four days of your life (also known as: AESOP)! We are all so excited to get to know you and for you to join our community of AESOP. The highlight of my time at Bates has undoubtably been my time tromping around in the mountains for my AESOP trip.

At Bates, I am a double major in environmental studies and religious studies. I grew up in the best state in the country, Maine. Growing up in Maine, I spent all my time outside exploring the woods, ski hills, and beaches. I am continuously inspired and see the beauty of my home state and encourage you all to spend your four years at Bates, exploring some of the majestic aspects that 207 has to offer. My favorite thing to do is have fun. I do such ‘fun’ by skiing, hiking, yoga-ing, training for marathons…all the time! I am also passionate about plants and spent last summer studying urban ecology and invasive species in the New York City parks. People refer to me as ‘A.Platz’ (or the real gf). I like to give *snaps* to things people say and you can always find me around campus drinking hot water.

We are all pumped to have you come to Bates and send you on your way to find out how ‘the way life should be.’

Nate Diplock ’17 – Assistant Coordinator

Hometown: Amherst, MA

What AESOP did you participate in as a First Year? Presidential Traverse

unnamed-8Hello class of 2019 and welcome to Bates!! Once upon a time, I heard about this thang called AESOP while moseying around on a campus tour, and I was like, wow, that sounds pretty awesome. Fast forward a few months and I was on Presies 1 thinking WOW, this really is super awesome. And ever since that moment I have fallen deeply in love with AESOP and have been a part of it as much as possible.
Anywhoo, my name is Nate and I am a bio major (I like plants) and am still deciding whether or not I’m an anthropology minor or major (I like people too). Although I’m from Amherst, a good portion of my younger years were spent romping around the Adirondack’s. I like anything that can get me outdoors and into the mountains, especially climbing and backpacking. When I’m not  in the outdoors, I’m indoors, usually playing my banjo, learning, or serving drinks as a barista at the Ronj (on campus coffee house/the best place on campus). I am also very active in the Bates Outing Club and try to go on as many trips as I possibly can. This summer, I will be getting my Wilderness EMT in Wyoming, after which my future is unclear. However, I will most certainly be counting down the days until AESOP 2015!!!!
I can’t wait to meet all of you and give you the best possible introduction to one of the greatest schools ever!! See y’all soon!!!