Can’t decided if you prefer hiking or canoeing?  Amphibious trips offer a little bit of both, with two days of hiking and two days of paddling!

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Rangeley I-(Level 4) Natalie & Coleman

Do you like gettin weird in the out of doors?  You dig not showering for days?  You like hiking until your feet go numb?  You like paddling until your palms bleed?  You dig killing a moose and crawling inside its dead carcass for shelter because Coleman and Nat got you lost and you and your group are becoming the next Donner party?… Word!…. just kidding…. but seriously, do you?

If you join us in our quest, you will be hiking on the AT and canoeing beautiful lakes. On the way, Lazer (Coleman’s prefered nick-name) will leave no water-fowl unidentified, and Bender (Nat) will regale you with tales of the farmlands of her youth. We will act as your collegiate shamans on this totally psychedelic adventure, and we will all return to Lewiston enlightened, with strong thighs and strong arms…. and perhaps numb feet, bleeding palms, and clothes soaked with the bodily fluids of some poor, unsuspecting moose.

Rangeley II- (Level 4) Sophie & Wil

First, do not worry if you are not an amphibian. Second, do not worry if you are not a great canoe-r. The peculiar and perfect pair of Sophie Baron from Lexington, MA and Wil Muller from Toledo, OH – are going to lead you on a week of stunning sights, gorgeous hikes, and relaxing canoeing trips. We will be beyond excited to hike/canoe through backwoods Maine during the day and relax by fireside at night! We love telling embarrassing stories and dancing like fools. With hiking experience in Maine, South America, Colorado, Northern Michigan, the Alps, and many more – we will make this a trip to never forget. PICK US!!

Wanted: Out-going, nerdy, sporty, goofy, driven, open-minded First-years.

Our Goal: Have the time of our lives and make your experience as positive as humanly possible!

Mooselookmeguntic I (formerly Squam Islands I)- (Level 2) Julia & Tim

Yo Bobcatzzz, this is a public service announcement, so perk those ears upppppp.

Squam Islands 1 is currently looking for a league of extraordinary young lads and lasses to take on an adventurous journey into the uncharted territory of Squam Lake and the Green Mountains in the one and only state of NEW HAMPSHIRE (no of course I am not from NH). If you have the desire to explore Squam Lake by canoe for that perfect rope swing and then hike to some of the best views of the Lakes Region, then this is the trip for you. What could possibly be better than kickin’ it on a beach, hiking to the top of a beautiful peak, cookin’ smores over a cozy campfire, or sleeping under the stars with a group that you will never forget???? Nothing, but doing it twice.

Mooselookmeguntic II (formerly Squam Islands II) - (Level 2) Olivia & John

Explore the scenic NH lakes region with a local guide…
Discover the beauty of the White Mountains…
Taiji every morning…
Bond with your classmates in a canoe and a mountain…
Find your inner self…
Discover your spirit animal…
Enjoy scenic nature toilets with a view….

Do these things interest you? If so, come join John and Liv on the amphibious Squam Islands Two! We will Island hop, mountain hop, bunny hop and Lindy hop through the NH lakes region. Rope swinging, lake swimming and campfire chilling skills are pre-requisites. Can’t wait to explore with you!

Flagstaff/Bigelow I- (Level 3) Caroline & Jordan

On this introduction to Maine living we’ll be bagging some peaks in the Bigelow Range and conquering islands on Flagstaff Lake in Northern Maine.  Along the way we’ll take our time enjoying the sights, munching some trail mix, swimming, and possibly meeting some new large-antlered friends.   The woods is the best place to get to know new people and we got four days in it, so I am not saying we will be best friends by the end but there’s about 99% chance.

Flagstaff/Bigelow II- (Level 3) Emma & Doug

Today is your day!
You’re choosing an AESOP!
You’re well on your way!

You have brains in your head,
and feet in your boots;
with all of these trips,
how is it you choose?

Will it be Baxter,
or Rangely or Squam,
With all of these choices,
you cannot go wrong.

But if you choose Flagstaff,
we can promise you this:
smores, stars, and smiles
its a trip not to miss.

So hop on the cart,
Join any and all,
Flagstaff is lovely,
And a great start to the fall.

Questions?  Contact us at or at 207-330-0610


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