Come explore the mountains of New England!  Backpacking trips vary in difficulty but they all spend 3 nights and 4 days hiking through some of the most scenic areas our region has to offer.

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Sam’s Summer Trail- (Level 2) Cailene & Dana

Hello mountain goats! If you like to scale really tall mountains Alex Supertramp style, that’s awesome… But if you like climbing really tall mountains at a mellow, leisurely speed, then Sam’s Summer Trail is the trip for you! That’s right, we’re taking on 2.5 miles a day, for three days. Do not let the distance fool you though, for SST is certainly not for the faint of heart. The formidable Mt. Adams towers above the mountains of New England among its fellow Prezzies at a lofty 5,774 ft. Sam’s Summer Trail offers pitched hiking, adventurous rock-scrambles, and precariously perched campsites. So if you dig long afternoon walks on the ridgeline, sexy panoramas of Mt. Washington Valley, and a pace that allows for ample exploration and quality banter with new friends, check it out! Your outdoors experience will be lightly salted with a gourmet taste of Bates, provided by your grade-A leaders, smothered in hardcore bonding with people that may become your best pals for life, and sprinkled with a little trail spice. We’ll make Fire on the Mountain, tell some deep dark secrets, eat a disgusting amount of oatmeal, and take it gneiss and easy in the stunning heights of the Whites. What could be better? Maybe some Nutella…

Exploring the Whites- (Level 3) Paige & Nate

Soaring mountains of white,
A bear we may have to fight.

Come backpacking with us cool campers,
We won’t forget our pampers (adult pampers, duh).

If we are lucky, we’ll see a moose,
Hopefully, more than just his caboose.

Make new friends in the woods,
If we are lucky Paige will bring some baked goods.

We swear we are better at backpacking than poem writing! Thinking of words that
rhymed was a real struggle for us. So to clarify: the White Mountains will be more
of a lovely green color than white, we will not have to fight a bear and we don’t
wear pampers, although don’t judge those who do. So join us for a New England
adventure of hiking and taking in the scenery.

Baxter Bushwackers I- (Level 4) Emma & Sean

Wanna climb the highest peak in Maine? Cause we do. Baxter State Park has got to be on all of your bucket lists, so you might as well cross it off now. 5267 feet?! Thats almost a mile of breathtaking elevation, so in effect, we will all be joining the mile high club? (jokes) These are going to be four beautiful, hard core, exciting and hilarious days of hiking, eating, friend-making, sweating, and smiling. Don’t be intimidated by the 23 planned miles or the fact that we’ll be daring enough to cross the Knife’s Edge, but know that that’s the plan. We’ll play games, sing songs and make fun of Emma’s southern drawl.

Baxter Bushwackers II- (Level 4) Sophie & Bobby

Time to hit the Stairmaster, and become the trailmaster. Baxter Bushwackers is definitely the best AESOP trip to exist…ever. Between the fantastic views, spectacular wildlife, and amazingly fun, adventurous, and most importantly, AWESOME AESOP leaders, this will inevitably be a great trip. Hiking by day, playing games and heart to heart-ing by night, you are sure to make lifelong friends before first year orientation even begins. While you’ll undoubtedly be having fun, don’t get us wrong, when we say hiking, we mean HIKING. We’ll be up about 1 mile high after summiting Mount Katahdin and traversing Knife’s Edge. The rigorous aspect of this trip will surely tone those legs, and who knows, maybe you’ll even get that 12 pack for the start of college. So, get out your hiking boots and join us for the best four days of your life.

Saddleback I- (Level 4) Sasha & Sacha

Tie dye spandex, beautiful Maine, running around the woods like a bunch of hooligans in the summahtime! Throw all those nerves away and come hang out on two of the highest ski mountains with two Aesop leaders with the same name. We’ll be hiking, camping, eating s’mores and lizards, running from bears, and making the transition into college supa smooth. Our names are Sasha Girl and Sacha Boy and we are gonna be sophomores next year, which means we have JUST experienced all the joys of freshman year. Sweating it out in the woods is the perfect way to bond before beginning the best four years of your life. We still hangout with our groups and are stoked to meet you guys and chill for the rest of you time at Bates. Get ready for some ridiculous stories to tell your friends when bragging about how great Bates and AESOP is, cuz we are gonna have a great time.

Saddleback II- (Level 4) Sarah & Billy

HELLO FRESHMAN! Welcome to your worst nightmare, aka the best three nights and four days of your life. Saddleback is not just a level IV backpacking Aesop, it is also the sickest, bestest, craziest one you could choose. If you had the balls to read about a level IV backpacking Aesop in the first place, we want you. If you didn’t, but your mother and or father made you read all the trip bios anyways, we want you. If you did not even consider backpacking as one of your five choices… we still want you. That’s right, Saddleback isn’t some stuck up high school girl who thinks she’s too good for you. Saddleback is…well, awesome. Come experience your crazy-cool Aesop leaders in the great outdoors, eat delicious food, see some beautiful sunsets, and get cozy in your very own sleeping bag. Not afraid to put ourselves out there…we want you.

Grafton Notch I- (Level 3) Michelle & Jameson

We’ve got a new species! Found in the dangerous, pixelated grasses of high school graduation, the wild AESOPER (Bakpakus cornelius) emerges. Pokédex: The AESOPER, a critter with a sense of adventure, simply needs a backpacking trip over and through the mountains of western Maine to be happy and content. Note: s’mores also help.

Grafton Notch II- (Level 3) Ashleen & Peter

GRAFTON [graf-tuhn] noun
1. Sue, born 1940, U.S. detective novelist
2. City and port, northeastern New South Wales, Eastern Australia
HEYOOOOOO PARTY PEOPLE!!! Do you like to rage to mash-ups while driving in a van? Do you like to explore waterfalls and find hidden treasure in caves? Do you want all of your WILDEST dreams to come true? Do you think goats yelling like humans are funny? ( Are you tired of reading cheesy aesop trip blurbs like this? Well, look no further, Grafton II is the trip for you! Get pumped for an awesome start to your Bates career, and join Ashleen and Peter as we tear across mountains, enjoy gourmet dining in the wilderness, and watch picturesque sunsets. This will be an awesome trip and we’ll have plenty of time to get to know each other. We’re super excited for Aesop and hope you decide to kick off college with us in the fall!

Franconia Notch I- (Level 3) Maddy & Patt

AESOPer DISCRETION ADVISED: Notch your average trip.

Look–we know it’s hard looking for the primest trip out there. Look no further. We can GUARANTEE a mad, crazy adventure of summiting mountains, impromptu games, and moose encounters. For serious.

We will: hike; sculpt our gluts; hike; harlem shake; hike; chill; hike; bird watch; hike; make secret handshakes; hike; eat a lot, often, frequently, and all the time.

We will all arrive as strangers, but become the best of chums, chums who won’t be afraid to high five and say, “Hey, I know you and I love you.”

Franconia Notch II- (Level 3) Izzy & Jackson

Alright… kiddies… ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE?  And do some rockin’ hiking while you’re at it?  Join Izzy Mak and J-Ode on a whirlwind adventure that will change your life… FOREVER.  We are shipping out to Franconia National Park aka the coolest place on earth (second to Hogwarts… Obviously). This part of New Hampshire is a spectacular place to explore, challenge yourself, and find your inner warrior. It’ll be like a less fatal version of the Hunger Games but you’ll come out feeling equally as cool and awesome. If you think you can handle some beautiful scenery and the company of Bates’ self proclaimed “coolest seniors ever” then this is the trip for you. We’re going to show you the time of your life and when you get back to Bates you’ll be exuding so much awesomeness that everyone on campus will be begging to be your friend. If you think you can handle the awed whispers as you walk to class of “did you see him? That was one of the Franconia kids! Let’s get his autograph!” then look no further. To Franconia Notch and beyond!!

Mahoosuc I- (Level 5) Emily & David

Imagine the adrenaline pumping through your veins, as you breeze through the hardest terrain on the Appalachian Trail. You are the best. Chosen as the elite from the class of 2017 to conquer the toughest obstacle AESOP has to offer: the Mahoosuc Notch.  DUNH DUNH DUNHHHHHHHHHH…  (insert Darth Vader breathing)… But do not fear, there will be escapades, peanut butter, shaggy dog stories, lightsabers, and singalongs to be had as we embark on the most excellent of adventures. If you’re ready to have more fun than all the other trips combined and get bragging rights for the rest of your Bates career then you should probably just sign up for Mahoosuc I already. Together we will rule the universe.


Mahoosuc II- (Level 5) Anne & Alex

Were you that kid who never wanted to leave the jungle-gym? Or appreciates delicious camping food? Or loves hiking in good company for hours in pursuit of a gorgeous view? Or is looking to meet other cool folks who are also so inclined? If so, then Mahoosuc 2 is the trip for you!!! Mahosuuc Notch is often said to be the slowest mile of the AT. That means it’s the hardest, which means it’s the most badass, which means ADVENTURE! So come join Alex and Anne, your kindly neighborhood Seniors, on our second year leading freshman through some of New England’s best terrain. We solemnly swear to be the best AESOP leaders a bobkitten could ask for!

ps. If you happen to love candy corn then this IS the trip for you!

Pemigewasset Wilderness I- (Level 3) Jess & Alex

Recipe for Pemigewasset Chocolate Chip Cookies:

In a 12 passenger van, combine:

3 cups of crazy adventure

10 backpacks of wilderness supplies

5 Giant bags of chocolate chips

2 sprinkles of original jokes

1 tub of Nutella

2 teaspoons of cold night cuddling

1 giant meat stick

5 pounds of original, handcrafted trail mix

2 pinches of bobkitty swag

1/4 cup of awesome games for the trail

1 cup of hot cocoa before bed

1 dash of wild music for the ride up

22.5 miles of gnarly Pemigewassett hiking trails

A whole mess of crazy frosh (first years)

…and most importantly, no parents.

Drive for two hours at 66mph, hike for four days under the August sun, bring back to Bates and eat when golden brown.


Pemigewasset Wilderness II- (Level 3) Talia & Max

On this trip, you can search for berries! But they will be out of season. On this trip, you can dream about ice climbing! But it will not be winter. On this trip, you can dream about hot tubs!  But you’ll be miles from the nearest pool. On this trip, you can fight bears!  But don’t worry, they will only be black bears. And we know you can handle that. OR, you can actually play hide and seek between pine tree branches while thinking of your favorite stories to tell around the ever-mighty whisper–litey. You can splash gleefully through mud puddles (if it rains) and fight some triumphant uphill treks to see some jaw spanking awesome views!  You can dream about beautiful mountains and epic hikes across the New Hampshire AT – and then wake up to beautiful mountains, epic hikes, AND awesome friends!  Come join us for the most supercalifragilisticemxpialidocious AESOP ever.

Presidential Range Traverse I- (Level 5) Clara & Nick

Hika’s Paradise:

As I hike through the range of the Presies of death
I take a look at my boots and realize there’s nothin’ left
Cause I’ve been climbing and laughing so long,
That even President Spencer thinks that my mind is gone
But I ain’t never crossed a thru-hiker that didn’t deserve it
Me be eatin without hotsauce you know that’s unheard of
You better watch how you’re talking and where you’re walking
Or you and your homies might be lined in instant oatmeal
I really love to van-sing so I gotta ROCK
As they crest the peak, I see myself in the woods all week, fool
We’re the kinda trip the little bobkitties wanna be like
In my bag in the night stargazin in the moonlight

Been spending most their lives, living in the hika’s paradise
Been spending most their lives, living in the hika’s paradise
Keep spending most our lives, living in the hika’s paradise
Keep spending most our lives, living in the hika’s paradise

Presidential Range Traverse II- (Level 5) Grace & Euan

Curious first year: “Hey, what’s the raddest AESOP?”
Knowledgable upperclassman: “Presies Two, duh.”
Curious first year: “ Wow, you seem really sure. Why??”
Knowledgable upperclassman: “Well they’ve got the chillest leaders, the gnarliest terrain, some mind-blowing food…”
Awesome first year: “Shucks! I’m sold!”

It’s a well-known fact that Presies Two is the most unreal AESOP of them all. If you’re down for some sunrise summits, terrifying tales, alpine ascents, the trendiest tunes, crystalline constellations, and Batesie bonding, then get stoked because it’s just gonna be peaks on peaks on peaks…on friendship. But seriously guys, we’re so excited to meet all you Champions of AESOP. By the way, did we mention our food game is mile high?

Questions?  Contact us at or at 207-330-0610


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