Franconia I

Trip Description

This backpacking trip takes you through the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire summiting peaks and dipping into the valley to get a wide range of exposure to the wilderness. Located in the heart of the popular White Mountain National Forest, Franconia Notch is a spectacular mountain pass that offers a trip full of adventure and excitement. Merging with a section of the Appalachian Trail calls for some steep inclines and experienced hikers. You will summit Little Haystack, Mt. Lincoln, Lafayette, and Garfield and will walk the ridgeline to witness breathtaking views. Franconia Notch offers a beautiful hiking experience that is sure to be challenging yet rewarding.
Mileage: 25 miles

*Franconia I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Maddy Landry

Have you met Madeline? She lived in an old house in Paris all covered with vines, with twelve little girls in two straight lines. The smallest one was Madeline.
Don’t be fooled by her stature; she may have been small, but take a hint from her hair, she certainly has gall… Who else tells a tiger, a king among beasts, “Pooh-pooh, great cat, I’m not afraid of you in the least”?

Madeline left her career as a beloved children’s story to really grow up on the Maine coast where everyday at the beach is a Polar Dip and all breakfasts, sweet and savory, come with a healthy smothering of Maple Syrup. Madeline adjusted well to life off the 2-D page, and nowadays enjoys late night bluegrass breakdowns and a good reading of the Beats. Big or small, she has never lost her charming impulsiveness, irrepressible spirit, and overall feistiness.

Now she’s a rising senior at Bates, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a prouder representative of the 207.

Patt Jeffries

What’s good. I’m wearing a headband right now, dig? That means: (a) I’m motivated, (b) I’m focused, and (c) I keep the sweat out of my eyes.

Listen: I’m going to lead this trip with fervor and zest, like a jester’s curry – spice level, medium-high. I love hiking, I love running, I love reading Kerouac, and I love making new friends, i.e. you! At Bates I’m a history boy, but a true Renaissance man. On any given day you could find me hiking, reading, running, practicing yoga, writing music, meditating, or just straight chilling. I’m a rising senior and I can’t wait to get to know all of you AESOPers so that I can share why I love Bates!


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