Base Camping

Looking to take it easy during AESOP?  Chillin’ trips might be just for you!  Each trip is based out of a car-accessible campsite and trips generally pass the time going to the beach, exploring sites around Maine and New Hampshire, and roaming around the hills for some scenic day hikes. Click on trips below to view trip description and leader bios.

Acadia I- (Level 1) Kaitlin & Danny

Kaitlin and Danny here, looking to catch some rays and eat smores.
We’ll be leaving behind all chores and sleeping on dirt floors.
You down?
Good, get ready to clown around.
Since day one of freshman year, we’ve been quite a pair.
We’ll teach you all the Batesie ways we swear.
We’ll beach, we’ll swim, we’ll hike a baby hill.
We’ll wake you up for sunrise, oh yes that we will.
The first sunrise in America is not one to miss,
And it will certainly be something to reminisce.
We’re ready, so choose us if you want a thrill,
With plenty of time to sit around and chill!

Acadia II- (Level 1) Martha & Nick

Close you’re eyes and imagine this. By now you will have opened you’re eyes because you have realized that you cannot continue to read this wonderful description with your eyes closed, but keep imagining anyways. You awaken to the sound of chirping birds and crashing waves. You are naked. You are free.
Just kidding. Kind of….
Join us on Acadia II and you will sign away your stress, angst, and first born child to the loving embrace of nature’s warm and loving arms! You will indulge in long walks along the beach, embark on stunning sunset hikes, and get down and jiggy with your wild side with beautiful people in one of the most beautiful locations in THE WORLD. ;)

Acadia III- (Level 1) Lucy & Matt

Cadillac, Precipice, Beehive, and Door
Dis trips gonna leave you going back to Acadia for more.
Summit some peaks to be the first in America to see the sun rise,
The early morning rays off the water will prove quite the surprise.

Acadia is a new Maine-lovers dream,
Complete with granite rocks, moss covered paths and bubbling streams.
Matt and Lucy are two Acadia sages,
They’ll have you raving about this trip until your old ages.

They’ve both got crazy good tunes to ensure a good time,
Amidst the beautiful peaks you are sure to climb.
Neckes with enthusiasm that goes off the charts,
And Lucy with the biggest of all big hearts.

While digging your toes into the sand at Sand Beach,
Maybe off in the Atlantic you will catch a whale mid-breach.
To relax in the eve, kick it off with a sunset hike.
And then Frisbee on the green and ice cream you are sure to like.

After breathtaking sights from mountain tops,
You will earn you down-east Maine killer chops.
Channel your inner Rockefeller and amble the carriage trails,
Then look out to the water for a glimpse of Jack Sparrows’ sails.

Not to boast, but this trip is kind of the best,
It has got more spunk, hop, kick, and views than all the rest.
What a great way to have an introduction to Bates,
Than hanging in an incredible place with some really cool mates!

Acadia IV- (Level 1) Claire & Tyler

Acadia’s 1 to the 2 to the 3 to the…4! Savin’ the best for last for sure. Join us,Tyler and Claire on what can only be described as an excellent adventure as we journey to the much sought after depths of awesome. Two Alpine Ski Racers chompin’ at the bit to show you all the best opening experience that any college could offer. We’ll crush a most epic van ride from campus through the gorgeous Maine countryside until we reach our wondrous destination. Acadia National Park will be our home as we cozy up under the stars to get some shut-eye for our days of sun filled joy. Bronzing on the beach or taking those well deserved tans up to surrounding scenic cliffs will work up an appetite for gourmet campfire meals, maybe even an ice cream treat (or two). We hope to impart our years of Bates knowledge upon those who accept our invitation and swap war stories over the construction (and consumption) of some legendary s’mores. So come August, grab a pack and be sure to get in the van (we won’t leave too early) with its speakers bumpin’ and its leaders “whomping” because were heading to the mystic land of Acadia and you should be too!

Camden Hills I- (Level 2) Emily & Brett

Are you dazed and confused? Too many AESOP trips to choose? Fear not Bobs and Cats, it’s easy as can be. We’ve assembled criteria of 1, 2, and 3:

#1: It must be base camping (Don’t you want to relax?)

#2: It has to be in Camden Hills State Park (too fantastic to pass up)

#3: Emily and Brett have to be the leaders (they’re kind of a big deal…)

Oh…wait…doesn’t that only leave ONE trip??!! Why YES, yes it does. So, clearly, the best choice is Camden Hills I base camping with Emily and Brett! Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach basking in the sun with a bunch of friends after a satisfying hike through the beautiful and luscious Maine forests. Are you imagining it? Yes? No, you’re not dreaming, BUT you will be living the dream when you come on our AESOP and make memories that will last a lifetime. At night, we’ll sit by the campfire roasting marshmallows, playing games, and singing songs. During the day, we’ll camp, play, hike, and swim in the bay. Look forward to scavenger hunts and sleeping under the stars. Are you ready? Good, so are we! And we want you…yes, YOU! So, come on Camden Hills I base camping with Emily and Brett to have the time of your life.

Camden Hills II- (Level 2) Rachel & Emile

Like being dehydrated? Enjoy the exhaustion of walking 13 miles uphill? Are you obsessed with sweaty, gross, friends to sleep next to? Yeah, neither are we. Instead, start the year off with Rachel and Emile in Camden Hills, where we’ll embark on easy, fun day hikes, tan on the beach under the Maine summer sun, and frolic through the extremely cool town of Camden. If you want to have an awesome time, eating and chilling the days away, come spend your first few days as Batesies with us!!!


Evan’s Notch I
- (Level 2) Saebyul & Connor

Where the hell is Evan’s Notch? To give you a metaphor, Evan’s Notch near North Conway New Hampshire, is like Willy Wonka’s factory on anabolic steroids. For an outdoor enthusiast this spot is the sickest place to have an ASEOP trip. Lucky for you its a 2 for 1 deal because leaders Saebs and Connor are the perfect leaders for you with out of control energy, friendliness, and optimal chill level you will feel welcome and YOU WILL HAVE A GOOD TIME, or you money back. So come join us on an adventure where we’ll roast mellows by night and hike, leap into the emerald pool, tube down the Kancamangus and toss the Frisbee by day.

Evan’s Notch II- (Level 2) Maddy & Jackson

Ever imagined what it would be like to spend four days of pure bliss in Maine’s famous White Moutains with Maddy and Jackson? No? Well it’s not too late to start! Picture yourself going on some sweet hikes, cruising on the road while listening to Maddy’s beautiful voice (but probably just some of Jackson’s sweet tunes), making campfires, eatin smores, and above all learning the best things about being a bobcat.  You’re thinking about it now aren’t you? So get ready for four days in h-EVAN and the chance to add another NOTCH II your outdoor experience belt (that’s an expression right?).

Maine Coastal Chillin’ I- (Level 1) Milly & Josh

Get ready for the most beautiful, relaxing and memorable CHILLIN’ trip of your life! The (aptly named) Maine Coastal Chillin’ trip take s you throught the senic sites of Maine’s coast (and beaches!) Just south of the Brunswick/Bath area.

On this trip, you’ll take excursions to the Morse Mountain conservation area, as well as to nearby Popham Beach State Park. You’ll have the opportunity to go on some very accessible day hikes in the surrounding area, as well as plenty of chances to hang around and explore the local beaches.

Situated just a short drive from the Bates Campus itself, the Hermit Island area is a popular destination for Batesies throughout the rest of the school year. We love it so much in fact, that we hold our bi-annual Clam Bake (a student favorite) right there at Popham Beach.

Like all other base camping trips, the Maine Coastal Chillin’ AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

Maine Coastal Chillin’ II- (Level 1) Abby & Nick

You know that rush you get when you take your first step off the plane and are free-falling through the sky with the wind flapping your skin, not knowing if your parachute will eject?  We don’t.  But, sand between your toes? Um, shyeah. Where do I sign up? (Right here!) The beach is calling, and we are answering. Celebrate and inaugurate your Bates career in paradise, the Maine Coast (II).  This is Vacationland, after all.  Let’s do AESOP right, kicking back on the beach with a Frisbee, swimming with porpoises, stuffing our faces with marshmallows and chocolate, and taking leisurely day-hikes with coastal views.  Enjoy classic road-trips in the Victory Van, with some of Abby and Nick’s legendary playlists.   The stars will be so starry, you’ll think you’re in a dream within a dream.  But, alas, this is no AESOPception. This is real life.  And it’s good. Too good.  Let’s jam, tan, swim, laugh, feast, campfire, sleep, rinse and repeat (3x).

Squam Area Daytripping- (Level 2) Julie & Billy

Do you long to feel the cool mountain breeze flutter through your hair? Do you dream of conquering mountains by day and listening to the soft crackling of a campfire by night? Do you ever wish to wake up to the soft touch of a brisk mountain lake, hearing the sweet melodies of birds chirping in the trees, and the patter of chipmunks scurrying about the forest floor?
Mmmm, wouldn’t that be nice? Now imagine having all of this without needing to sleep on the cold, hard ground! That’s right, on this trip we will get intimate with nature while basking in the luxury and refuge of lakeside cabin amenities. This trip is designed to be a laid-back expedition where we will voyage into the wild during the day, and enjoy the comfort of cozy lakeside cabins as a main base at night. Because we will base our trip from a single camp rather than changing locations, we encourage you to bring along your bongos, guitars, didjeridoos, voices, etc., so we may jam to the sweet sounds of the wild!
What land do we speak of? Squam Lake (which means “Water Lake” in the native Abenaki language) is located in central New Hampshire and is a massive 6,971 acres with over sixty islands. Not to mention, it is also nestled just south of the renowned trails and high peaks of the White Mountains. So if you enjoy the gifts of earth, water, and fire, (and cabins) sign up for Squam Lake Daytripping and join the most fortunate of Batesies as we come together, as one, for the quest of a lifetime. SQUAESOP!

Mt. Blue I- (Level 1) Andrea & Andrew

Wanna continue your summer vacation in a beautiful place in Maine? Well dreams really do come true.  We’ll be bare-handed fishing (kidding. Kinda.),  stargazin’, snoozin’, snackin’, swimmin’, s’frisbeein’, s’hikin’, s’chillin’, s’playin’, s’jammin’, and generally s’bein’ awesome at Lily Bay State Park. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’re really, really good looking. And charming. And as if our good looks and charm weren’t enough, we’re also the funnest…and humblest.  Andrew and Andrea (say that three times fast) are from Ballerado (CO) and Mass-a-the-best-est (MA…it’s catching on) respectfully.  Our combined experience with the outdoors consists of: forest fire fighting, bear wrangling, and sleeping.  Basically, we’re professionals at this.  If our skills and natural beauty weren’t enough, Mount Blue ROCKS.  But actually, they have some freakin’ nice rocks.  Some have described Mount Blue as “Un parque que puede uno caminar todo facilmente – para pasar un dia agradable. Hay instalacions para acampar.” (Source: So duh now you have to go.  S’ee ya soon!  Your faithful leaders, Andrew/a

Mt. Blue II- (Level 1) Cat & Evan

“Pick Our AESOP!”
(to the tune of “Call Me Maybe”)

I told my parents farewell.
“Don’t miss me; I won’t rebel.
I’ll try not to raise much hell.
I hope I make some friends.”

Now I’m gonna go and fish,
sit lakeside and look stylish,
play games, relax and then wish,
“I hope this never ends!”

Our jam is playin’
Hiking boots, feet are achin’
Warm nights, stars are blazin’
Where you think you’re going, baby?

Hey! We just met you
and we def’ won’t stop,
but we’re really dope
so pick our AESOP!

It’s hard to decide
which trip will be best,
but we’re really dope
so pick our AESOP!

Don’t matter if you’re mad tall,
love hockey, don’t watch football.
Whatever, ’cause, above all:
we’re here to be your friends!

We’ll chill, we’ll cook — a good deal,
Tell great stories and be real.
Hike Mount Blue; ain’t that ideal?
We won’t want it to end!

Our jam is playin’
Hiking boots, feet are achin’
Warm nights, stars are blazin’
Where you think you’re going, baby?

Hey! We just met you
and we def’ won’t stop,
but we’re really dope
so pick our AESOP!

Before you came up to Bates,
we knew we’d have fun
we knew we’d have fun
we knew we’d have such fun!

Before you came up to Bates,
we knew we’d have fun,
and y’all should know that
we knew we’d have such fun!

So pick our AESOP! :)

Questions?  Contact us at or at 207-330-0610


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