Canoe trips spend all of their time on the water, paddling down rivers and lakes by day an camping on islands and riverbanks by night.

Moosehead Lake- (Level 3) Addie & Ben

Picture this. You’re basking in the afternoon sun with your new friends, full from a delicious camp meal, paddling around the tepid Moosehead Lake waters. You hear the canoe next to you telling a riddle, and in the background Ben’s harmonious voice and jammin’ guitar tunes come into your mind and make you want to dance. Not only are you excited about the adventures for the rest of the day, canoeing in one of the most beautiful and pristine lakes Maine has to offer, but you’re also thrilled to have met a group of wild, crazy interesting people before school has even started. Could it be any better? The answer is, probably not. Get excited for one of the most thrilling, satisfying and memorable experiences of your life! See you in the canoe at MOOSEHEAD LAKE!

Penobscott River- (Level 3) Barbara & John


Spend your AESOP canoeing the Penobscot River and exploring Lobster Lake while taking in the incredible scenery of Northern Maine! We’ll camp at some of the area islands on our way. If you’re a fan of adventure, made-up hilarious games, and, well, canoeing in the wilderness, definitely take the challenge and start your year off Penobscottin’ down the riverbend with John and Babs.

Saco River- (Level 2) Liza & Gunnar

If you’re hopin’ to spend your last week of summer having the time of your life canoein’ through beautiful Vacation Land, then this is the trip for you! We’ll be campin’ along the picturesque Saco River in Southern Maine, doin’ some easy paddlin’ (more like floatin’) and plenty of river swimmin’. When we aren’t on the river, you can look forward to makin’ dope campfires, roastin’ toasty mallows, and singin’ songs!!! By the time you start school, you’ll have met so many moose!!!!!!! Its time to grab your paddle and getcho tan-line on!
(PS. We promise, in real life we pronounce the g’s at the end of all our gerunds.)

Umbagog Lake- (Level 3) Catherine & Karl

sOoo Whatchu know ’bout canoein’?!?!

Nothing? good!! cause no previous knowledge is required to attend this FRICKIN’ SHWEET canoeing trip to Umbagog Lake (we can’t pronounce it either).
On this trip we will be tearin’ up the coastline of this beautiful and scenic New Hampshire lake. We will spend our days eating some gourmet trail mix, sittin’ on the beach, paddling leisurely around Umbagog Lake, and making lots of new friends. BONUS: You’ll be getting a nice tan, returning to Bates a bronze God/Goddess. While we discourage cell phones, your instagram will be craving this beautiful lake’s sights. If you’re looking for an enjoyable trip on the water then Umbagog is right for you!

Questions?  Contact us at or at 207-330-0610


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