Community Service

Community service trips offer a unique and hands-on way to get involved with the local community.  Explore the various service opportunities available in the area through the Lewiston/Auburn Service trip, or help build a house with Habitat for Humanity!

Habitat for Humanity I- (Level 1) Abby & Sam

Obsessed with legos? Like to hold a hammer? Want to get yoked? Now you can fulfill all of your building dreams by joining the Habitat for Humanity I crew! What could be a better way to start off your first year than by throwing yourself into the beautiful city of Lewiston while building houses for those in need. Starship built the city on rock and roll, but we will build these houses with a strong foundation of positive energy and determination. Laughing, story telling, singing, star gazing and the like will certainly accompany our bonding experience as we combine community service with mind melting fun…TO THE EXTREME!!! We’re ready to share our enthusiasm for Bates with the most recent litter of Bobkittens!

Habitat for Humanity II- (Level 1) Daly & Julian

Hey bobkittens! Are you into famous buildings like the ones in New York City, Paris, London, or Hong Kong? Great, so you like buildings and you should do Habitat for Humanity II! While everyone else is off walking up some mountains, we’ll be changing lives. This trip is perfect for everyone, especially those of you who are looking to improve your carpentry skillz, bond with other cool new Batesies, and/or build a house for someone who needs one! Your fearless, flawless leaders will teach you everything you need to know about life at Bates while the Habitat for Humanity crew will teach you everything you need to know about building houses. Basically, you’ll be set in terms of life skills by the end of these awesome 4 days. We’ll spend our nights chillin’ at the campsite and doing other fun activities in addition to making a difference for a family in need. So sign up for Habitat II and get ready for an awesome AESOP adventure!

Questions?  Contact us at or at 207-330-0610


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