Habitat for Humanity I

Trip Description

Start your College Career of by doing something you can truly be proud of. The Habitat for Humanity AESOP trips will work on projects in the Lewiston/Auburn and Bath, ME areas. These trips will camp out of Range Pond park for the Lewiston/Auburn project or Thomas Point Beach for the Bath project. Get to know and provide great survice to the local community by helping build houses for people in need! You will be able to explore and get to know your home for the next four years all while doing a great service on these trips.

Abby Knudsen

Heya! My name is Abby and I’ll be a sophomore at Bates this coming fall. I cannot begin to describe how excited I am to co-lead with the up and rising star on Bates campus. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, combine the class of James Bond with Jim Halpert’s wit and you get the one, the only…Sam Myers. I on the other hand, hail from the big apple (New York City)…yes, I do occasionally wear all black. I hope to double major in Philosophy and Economics with some politics sprinkled in here and there. While I’m not trying to form a secret red head society, I love to play with power tools and make sets as the theater department’s best carpenter (perfect for building houses, anyone?), getting mwy groove on during Bates’ exclusive zumba workouts, volunteering at the Lewiston Public library, or listening to very big, incomprehensible words in investment club (challenge: try not to fall asleep). I’m so excited to introduce all of you to the wonderful, wacky, impassioned campus I call home…can we build it, YES WE CAN!

Sam Myers

Greetings, incoming freshmen! I’m Sam, and I’m a rising sophomore at Bates College. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am to be co-leading an AESOP trip with my best friend in the whole wide world. She’s smart, she’s funny, she’s beautiful. She has a smile that lights up the whole room. She’s extremely awkward in the best possible way, and she has the most amazing red hair. I’m so proud to be leading Habitat for Humanity I with the incomparable… Debra Messing! Just kidding, it’s only Abby (who happens to possess roughly 80% of Debra Messing’s physical and personal characteristics, but is only 0.01% as famous). ANYWAY, I come from the shockingly gorgeous state of Wyoming. I’ve never lassoed a calf, nor have I “rustled up grub.” I’m passionate about a lot of things, but writing, theater, music, art, and corduroy pants definitely top the list. I’m a prospective English major. My favorite movie is Pleasantville, I enjoy consuming large volumes of Pad Thai in Commons, and I have a moderately unhealthy obsession with the work of David Sedaris. I love Bates. I can’t wait to meet the class of 2017!


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