Flagstaff/Bigelow II

Trip Description

Start off this trip hiking up Bigelow Mountain to The Horns and Avery Peak. Sleep well at a campsite right off the ridgeline and descend the next day via the Safford Brook trail until you reach Flagstaff Lake! Put in your canoes, enjoy a nice swim and paddle across this unique and vast lake. Explore the areas on shore and camp on islands you pass along the way.

*Flagstaff/Bigelow I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Emma Timbers

Emma was born to a family of nomadic reindeer herders in Northern Finland.  At the age of three, she was kidnapped by a group of rogue Scandinavian pirates, but, by an incredible stroke of fortune, she managed to escape a life on the harsh Arctic seas and took up residence in a Nordic birch forest, where she was taken in by a family of bears and raised as their own.  After spending many years among the bears learning valuable lessons like the art of seal hunting, hibernation, and the intricate subtleties of the roar, she decided it was time to return to her own people, at which point she enrolled at Bates College.  At Bates, she is an English/Creative Writing major, and in her free time enjoys running, hiking, swimming, and generally making things.  Currently, she is studying abroad in India.  Her favorite smell is woodsmoke.

Doug Welsh

Doug loves floral attire.  His favorite smell is lavender, and he deeply enjoys sour skittles as well as plants.  When he smiles, his eyes get tiny.  His spirit animal is an elephant, and would be an eggplant if he were a vegetable.  He is also a rising senior, who has lived in various locations around the world, a studio art major, professional goofball, and nature enthusiast.  Among his many aspirations in life – to be a high ranking tournament bridge player.


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