Exploring the Whites

Trip Description

This NEW trip is meant to do exactly what its title indicates. By piecing together hikes from different areas in the White Mountain National Forest, you will get a taste of a wide variety of moderate hiking trails while still able to be in the midst of the famous and spectacular White Mountains. Camping along the famously scenic Kancamagus Highway, you will not be short of spectacular views and will get the chance to summit South Moat Mountain, Mt. Tripyramid, and Mt. Chocoura on individual day hikes. It’ll be a fun adventure!

Paige Collins

Full Name: Paige Lane Collins
Hometown: Cohasset, MA or J.O.B.
Aspirations: to be the greatest thumb wrestler of all time
Fears: fake plants, and graduating Bates
Nicknames: Paj, Paj Mahal, Pajifer C. Jones, Paigy-poo, Paige-ums, Chatzi
Bates Activities: Bates Build, WRBC DJ (country music, anyone?), and chatting away
in Commons.
Profession: Beach Bum
Nate’s Favorite Memory of Paige: Sophomore year, when she made a giant carrot
cake and brought it to Bates. She made too much, so she made me eat a piece every
day until it was gone.

Nate Davis

Full Name: Nathan Carver Davis
Hometown: Portland (P-TOWN), ME
Aspirations: to swim faster Michael Phelps
Fears: large books, and rabid monkeys
Best Halloween Costume: Bill Cosby
Bates Activities: Captain of the Rugby Team, Model UN, and being the coolest,
Profession: Professional Audio Visual Worker
Paige’s Favorite Memory of Nate: Nate tried to go to Gala, our winter formal, dressed
like a park ranger. His shirt AND his pants were both khaki-colored. Luckily, the
endless laughter convinced him to change before it was too late.


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