Franconia II

Trip Description

This backpacking trip takes you through the beautiful White Mountains of New Hampshire summiting peaks and dipping into the valley to get a wide range of exposure to the wilderness. Located in the heart of the popular White Mountain National Forest, Franconia Notch is a spectacular mountain pass that offers a trip full of adventure and excitement. Merging with a section of the Appalachian Trail calls for some steep inclines and experienced hikers. You will summit Little Haystack, Mt. Lincoln, Lafayette, and Garfield and will walk the ridgeline to witness breathtaking views. Franconia Notch offers a beautiful hiking experience that is sure to be challenging yet rewarding.
Mileage: 25 miles

*Franconia I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Izzy Makman

Well hello young ones. My name is Izzy and I hale from the depths of Montana where I spent my childhood living in a cave and riding grizzly bears to school. I’m a Russian major with a Spanish minor and I’m currently spending my junior year studying in ze motherland (training to become a Russian spy, no big deal). Normally, though, I can be found trolling in the newsroom working on the school newspaper. Otherwise I spend my free time lazing around commons (that’s right, see me at lunch and again at dinner? I probably haven’t even left). Anyways, I can’t wait to meet you kiddos and kick of the year right with some epic AESOP awesomeness.

Jackson Ode

My name is Jackson and I’m from Burlington, Vermont, the Green Mountain State.  As an expert zombie consultant, you’ll gain life saving skills that will keep you alive when, not if, the zombie apocalypse occurs.  Rule number one: never go into a grocery store!  Hollywood zombie movies are sending the wrong message.  If you’re hungry make a snare and catch a squirrel – think Hunger Games.  When I’m not busy preparing zombie survival propaganda, I’m studying politics and American history.  In the fall I play club soccer and in the winter I race on the club alpine ski team.  In my free time I play tennis, run and eat embarrassingly long meals in Commons with friends.  I am eager to crush hiking and explore apocalyptic escape paths with you guys!


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