Grafton Notch II

Trip Description

Completing the opposite section of the Grafton Loop Trail as Grafton I, you will have an independent experience and will grow close with your AESOP crew. The eastern half of the Grafton Loop Trail connects a series of scenic peaks and other natural features in Maine’s Grafton Notch. Starting off on the Appalachian Trail and summiting East Baldplate, the high point of the Grafton Loop Trail, you will be off to a steady start. At Lightning Ledge, enjoy fine views and a bountiful crop of blueberries before tackling Long Mountain. The last peak on the trail, known as Puzzle Mountain has false peaks, but still offers spectacular views of the surrounding area.
Mileage: 21 miles

Ashleen O’Brien

HEYO I’m Ashleen. Boring facts: I am from SEATTLE, I am an Enviro and Politics Major, and my favorite color is green. INTERESTING FACTS: I have never been compared to a hobbit, I bring my own utensils to commons, and I am a mountain goat. BEST FACT: GRAFTON II will be FERGILICIOUS.

Peter Krieg

Born and raised in the rolling cornfields of Iowa, Peter spent much of his early life outside where he belongs. Then his family decided to move to civilization, to the famously coined JOB (just outside boston, where half of bates hails from). Peter has loved hiking since he was a little kid and has explored much of the White Mountains since then. Rumor has it that he was a Boy Scout in past lives. A Junior at Bates, he is a physics major (total nerd) and enjoys skiing, playing ultimate frisbee, and eating multiple dinners. Peter loved his aesop trip as a freshman and can’t wait to make yours an awesome start to the Bates experience!


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