Sam’s Summer Trail

Trip Description

The northern Presidentials are dominated by the 5,774-foot summit of Mt. Adams, which is the central destination of this trip. Hiking up one of the most popular routes to the summit of Adams—the second highest peak in New Hampshire—calls for some beautiful scenery both above and below the tree line. You will be able to soak up the expansive landscape from the ridgeline and become familiar with New Hampshire’s White Mountains. Averaging a little over two miles per day, your leaders will direct you at a steady and relaxing pace up Adams, making stops at the Log Cabin and Perch campsites along the way. The Sam’s Summer Trail is a great introduction to hiking and provides ample opportunity to meet your new classmates.
Mileage: 8.5 miles

Cailene Gunn

Hey there future Batesies! I’m a small town gal from northern Connecticut and I’m stoked to begin my second year at the greatest college on earth. I really like rocks n’ such and I intend on majoring in environmental geology. My spirit mineral is olivine and according to Dana I am half unicorn, half beaver with a sprinkle of arctic fox. When on campus, I can often be found in commons consuming embarrassing amounts of fruit pizza, sipping chai at le Ronj or studying beneath my favorite ficus tree in PGill. I enjoy frolicking, listening to happy music, and watching sunsets atop Mt. David on crisp autumn evenings. Can’t wait for August, ttfn!

Dana Cohen-Kaplan

As a 5’11”, brown haired, caucasian, flannel clad, bearded male, I stick out a little bit at here at Bates, but don’t be afraid to approach me! If you choose to, I urge you to do so slowly, and with plenty of warning. Being a child of wildlands of Greater Boston, I feel quite at home in the woods, so much so that I have trouble using real bathrooms. I enjoy the soulful tunes of the Dead, I farm, and I worried my parents by eating cat food as a child. Since our arrival, your co-leader and I have come to love every bit of good ole Bates, Smith and all. Lookin’ forward to introducing all you munchkins to the wonders of this fantastic little place! Oh, and geology and education and philosophy and ultimate frisbee and Outing Club and BEAM and Shred Club and Knitwits and so on. Adams Ho!


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