Acadia II

Trip Description

Nestled in the coastline of northern Maine, Acadia National Park is one of the most renowned scenic areas in the state. These trips will camp in group camping facilities with bathhouses and easy access to more “creature comforts,” however all participants still sleep in tents and cook on camping stoves, ensuring that you will still receive a true outdoor experince.

Days in Acadia are spent either day hiking, exploring the local town of Bar Harbor, or hanging out at the beach.  While the itineraries vary year to year based on the leaders and group interests, typical hikes might include a walk up Beehive mountain or even a sunrise hike of Cadillac Mountain.  Nights are spent hanging out around the campfire playing games, talking with you new classmates, and cooking s’mores.

Every year we typically send three trips to Acadia national park.  While they do camp in somewhat close proximity to one another, for the most part the trips stay separate in order to maintain the small group dynamic the AESOP prides itself on.

Like all other base camping trips, the Acadia AESOP is designed to be lower-intensity and is ideal for those who are excited about AESOP and being in the outdoors, but who might be less comfortable with a higher-level trip.

*Acadia I, II, III & IV share similar itineraries, but are run as separate trips.

Martha Schnee

Haaayyyooo my name’s Martha (read: Marty, Murrth) and I’m gonna be a big ol’ Junior next year which is weird because I just got to Bates last year (that’s code for heyhey I transferred to Bates hi yep hey). I’m an American Cultural Studies major, which basically means studying just about everything social sciencey and I’d be an art minor if I could but that doesn’t exist at Bates. I hail from the majestic Newton, Mass, otherwise known as the greatest, and by that I mean safest, town on earth. In my free time, I like to make things, ask people questions, play soccer, ride my bike, paint, draw, eat, pat animals, dance, explore, and eat some more.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that the two most important things you need to know about me are:

1. Potential child’s name: Orchid

2. Favorite day of the week: Thursday

Nick Kinnon

Nick Kinnon is a Junior Economics major hailing from Los Angeles… but he likes to think that he is so much more.   When he’s not singing acapella for The Deansmen, Nick can be found ballin’ hard on the racquetball court, carefully constructing his fantasy surfer team, and praying in front of his personally constructed shrine of folk singer Josh Ritter. Nick is absolutely certain that there is indeed more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking.


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