Camden Hills I

Trip Description

The Camden Hills base camping trips offer another opportunity to experience a more relaxed AESOP in the Camden area of coastal Maine. These trips will camp out of a vehicle-accessible campsite and spend each day day-hiking (popular hikes include Bald Rock Mtn and the “Nature Trail”), chilling out at the beach, exploring local streams and rivers, and hanging out in downdown Camden.

Camden Hills I&II, like other base camping trips, are designed to require minimal outdoor experience, and are best suited for those who are excited about AESOP but would prefer a less intense outdoor experience. While the participants all sleep in tents, the campsites feature running water and shower facilities.

*Camden Hills I & II share the same itinerary, but are run in opposite directions.

Emily Baumgarten

Name: Emily Winslow Baumgarten

Age: 19

Hometown: Cohasset, MA (a.k.a. Just Outside Boston)

Height: 5’ 6’’

Weight: Wouldn’t you like to know?

Major: Legally Blonde

Minor: Philosophy

Interests: Bates A Capella (TakeNote), hittin’ up the slopes, triple axels on the puddle, sleeping-in, light-jogging, tanning, swimming

Guilty Pleasure: Snapchat (name: emilywinslow)

Best Quality: Her infectious laugh

Brett Ranieri

Name: Brett Patrick Ranieri

Age: 19

Hometown: West Hartford, CT (a.k.a WeHa)

Height: Depends on the day

Weight: 0% Body fat = the perfect man

Major: Neuroscience

Interests: Bates A Capella (Crosstones), scoring goals, running, writing AESOP bios, bustin’ a movie, Commons food, Sporcle-ing, hiking, thrift-shopping

Guilty Pleasure: Grey’s Anatomy

Best Quality: His pearly white teeth
Brett + Emily

Favorite Thing at Bates: Our future AESOPers


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