Squam Area Daytripping

Trip Description

This is not Swan Lake, which unfortunately means no ballet. However, Squam Lake, formerly known as “Goose Lake in the Highlands” (ironic, we know), a region known for its natural beauty and tranquility, has much to offer. Squam day tripping will be based out of a summer camp on Squam Lake which means we get to stay in cabins and use the waterfront after each day of hiking. No, we won’t swim to every single one of the 67 islands, but surely daily trips to peaks in the White Mountains such as Lafayette, Morgan and Percival will tickle your fancy. Oh, and did we mention ice cream?

Julie Polizzotto

Julie is a rising senior majoring in Environmental Studies and Studio Art. She is one of a select number of students to have pets at Bates (a puppy and a kitten, WHADDUP?). Julie was raised in Brooklyn, NY and is a big New York Rangers fan, but despite her love for city life, Julie is at truly at home in the piece and tranquility of the outdoors. Skiing, frolicking, and getting to know people are her primary activities at Bates, but she also enjoys team sports. That having been said, Julie has a sensitive side. She likes to draw, sculpt with clay, and DJ for Bates’s radio station, WRBC. Julie’s most telling qualities are her openness and infectious sense of humor.

Billy Collins

Billy is a rising senior majoring in Psychology. When he is not jamming on guitar with his roommates, hitting the slopes during the winter, or going on aimless adventures, he is producing videos for the Bates College Media Center. Billy hails from the rolling farmland of Maryland and enjoys getting outside and getting a bit country every now and then. Some things that Billy likes are giving high fives, gazing into sunsets, and wearing tweed jackets. Most of all Billy is easygoing, stimulating and tries to make most situations really fun.


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