Here are a list of the Canoeing trips we offer. Click the boxes to find out more about the specific trips available and the awesome Batesies who lead them!

Saco River (Level 2)

Saco River:

Swerve’n down the beautiful Saco River while chillin’, observing chill wildlife, chillin’, seeing chill nature, and chillin’. If you’re looking for a chill trip to chill on, and enjoy swimming in some chill(y) water, and want to get your tan on, the chill Saco River is calling to you. If you still aren’t sure what to expect on this chill trip, one thing’s for sure, this trip is going to be really….. awesome.

Monata Song:

(Written by Alex) Originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, Monata (like sonata but with an ‘M’) is a rising sophomore who loves chilling and having a great time. In addition to chillin’, Monata is a member of Cold Front, the girls’ ultimate frisbee team, and enjoys music, movies, and chillin’. Despite rigorous studying for her pre-med requirements, she still can be found around campus chilling, snuggling/spoonin’ with her bestie, or climbing at the rock wall. Fun facts about Monata: likes to chill. Tea > coffee. Has longest hair on Bates campus (might not actually be true). Is an EMT. Is extraordinarily fast at cracking sunflower seeds. Is shorter than Alex. Loves Cats (both the musical and real cats). If she were to travel anywhere it would be Tibet or Nepal. Anyways Monata is super stoked to meet all of you chill people and take you on this chill trip!

Alex Brown:

(Written by Monata) Alex is a rising sophomore from the lovely land of Hanover, NH and is intending on being a hardcore neuroscience major. In addition to being really chill, this kid is a member of Orange Whip, the guys’ ultimate frisbee team and wails on the trumpet in the jazz band. He really likes to drink tea, juggle, and climb mad rocks while listening to really chill music. I’d say his best physical attribute is definitely his right knee (maybe dat booty tho). Fun facts about Alex: Likes to be chill. Was a clown in a circus for 6 years. Is short. Is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. His favorite color is purple. Won his school’s chess tournament in 1st grade then never played again. Loves strawberries. If he were to travel anywhere it would be New Zealand. He’s super pumped to be leading this mad chill trip and chilling with some mad chill people, he’ll show you just how chill Bates can be. 

Paddle down the Saco River and camp out on numerous sandbars along your route. Mt. Tom and Starks Mountain surround the river, providing beautiful views while you encounter some of Maine’s incredible wildlife! Swim in Lovewell Pond and portage around beautiful Swans Falls. This trip leaves plenty of room to have fun and learn new paddling skills!

Moosehead Lake (Level 3)

Moosehead Lake:

Heyo bobkittens! This year, the year of 2014, Emma and Blake will take you on a spectacular AESOP trip headed up to THE LARGEST lake in Maine. Wowzers! This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Moosehead lake is a gorgeous lake found in the Longfellow Mountains (basically waaaay up there in Maine… so be sure to bring a passport). This trip is going to be full of singing, giggles, and a whole lot of canoeing! Oh and we love to dance so be sure to pack your favorite dance moves. If you are looking for a chance to relax and get some groovy tan lines then Moosehead Lake is definitely for you. Think about it… chillin with a bunch of rad people for four days and three nights on the lake of your wildest dreams. If you would love to be on the water and take in some beautiful scenery AND get an awesome arm workout in the process, then PICK US!

Blake Downey:

AESOPers lemme holla! I’m Blake Downey (aka Balakay) I’m a sophomore and I hail from the greatest state in the union. The good ol’ state of Maine. I will be spending my summer beach chillin and house paintin among other shenanigans. I spent my freshman year running many circles for the track team, studying chemistry and psychology and playing go fish with my buddy Emma. When I’m not binge watching 24 or spending way too much time in Commons, I enjoy wearing flannels and trying to match pitch with the lovely Ariana Grande. My spirit animal is a kangaroo and my favorite animal is a koala. MARSUPIALS WADDUP! Anyways, I’m wicked pumped to paddle around on Moosehead with y’all! Can’t wait!

Emma Jarczyk:

AYOOO baby bobcats! Congrats and WELCOME ~ You’re all such smart cookies! OMNOMNOM. My name is Emma Jarczyk (Jar-sick) and I’m from Sudbury, Massachusetts but I’m a Cali girl at heart. I love to fall with style on the Bates swimming and diving team and my favorite dessert would definitely be chocolate covered strawberries (yummeh in muh tummeh!). In the summers you can usually find me on the beaches of Nantucket or at Starbucks. I love those good good venti black tea lemonades UNSWEETENED (cuz im healthy…HA! Not.). I love to be outside, but to be honest the winter mornings here in Maine are killer and I’d do anything to stay inside (it was -20 one morning.. like why?). But don’t fret! Maine is awesome and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. I currently do not know what I want to major in (whoops), but I am considering sociology! I have also always had a love of science so if you’re into bugs ‘nd stuff hit me up. Bates is an amazing place to be and Balakay and I are so excited to meet you! PICK MOOSEHEAD LAKE! ..cuz its going ta be da <3 

Nestled among scenic mountain ranges, Moosehead Lake in Maine is New England’s largest lake. Its island studded waters stretch as far as the eye can see, and are surrounded by vast forested wilderness. Starting your paddle in Cowan Cove, your days will be filled by covering mileage over the water, passing by islands and hugging the shoreline most of the time. Passing through The Narrows, you will spend your nights at Jewett Cove, and Spencer Bay and spend the last day in Lily Bay State Park chilling on their sandy beaches and reminiscing about the amazing trip you just partook in.

Umbagog Lake (Level 3)

Umbagog Lake:

Do you enjoy hermiting miles and miles away from civilization, doing weird things with new friends? Well so do we. Close your eyes and let the majestic force of nature wash over your body. Dream of a place where your only company are the graceful loons and fierce beasts of the wild. But don’t fear, you are not alone on this journey. The power of a budding new wolf pack gives strength to your paddling arms. We, as your bear-wrestling leaders, invite you to join our aquatic adventure. Fun Fact: The ancestors of whales (and your leaders) are wolves…whaat. In this expanse of pristine wilderness, you can expect to enjoy the wonders of gunwale-bouncing, fishing with your bare hands, and howling at the moon. Can it get any better? So join us on this epic quest, and you’ll form an everlasting bond with your fellow brother and sister wolves.

Dani Klein:

Hello friends I’m Dani! I’m a sophomore from the best place in the United States…yup Vermont. I hear my spirit animal is a red panda. My two favorite things are wombats and baby-sized backpacks. At Bates, I enjoy tossing a disc, frolicking in the wilderness, and studying about the environment. Can’t wait to spend a stellar four days with you guys!

Emmett Peterson:

I’m Emmett, a sophomore from the rolling green mountains of Vermont. Legend has it that I sweat grade A maple syrup. I am a Nordic Skier and a Biology major. My greatest passions include tele skiing, canoeing, emulating my spirit animal of a baby polar bear, and whitewater kayaking. This fall I hope to have a great canoeing trip gliding across the waters of Umbagog Lake like a landspeeder across the sands of Tatooine. 

This canoeing trip provides adventure as you explore all the inlets and coves in the wonderful Umbagog Lake. Paddle through Sweet Meadows and canoe as much as the Lake as possible! Paddle all day, with breaks for swimming, exploration and relaxation at Diamond Peaks and Cedar Stump campsites. Take in the amazing scenery and wildlife as you travel down the Androscoggin River on your last day.

Penobscott River (Level 3)

Penobscott River:

Row, row, row your canoe gently down the Penobscot River. Do you like water and having a ballerific time? If so come with D-Nice(Denise Hui Bon Hoa) and Patty Daddy(Will Patton) to enjoy the wonders of Penobscot River. We will be partaking in great shenanigans, fantastic games including(but not limited to) Ninja, slackjaw, Waa, and Mafia, and intense discussions. Topics will include who is the strongest Jedi/Sith, favorite foods, women’s rights, and smartest Marvel character. Come canoeing with us!

Will Patton:

Do you enjoy slackjawing? Making weird noises? I do! I’m rising senior chemistry major from Asheville, NC. More importantly I am the President of the Fat Cats(the Bates College Competitive Eating Club) the greatest club on campus(We hosts a Pig Roast every short term but I digress). I am on the swim team as is D-Nice. I dabble in Physics and Math, and I avoid papers like the plague. My Asheville background has provided me with lots of outdoors experience with tons of beautiful hikes and great rivers for paddling and kayaking. LET’s GO CANOEING!!!!

Denise Hui Bon Hoa:

D-Nice HBH hails from Hong Kong, SAR of China, in the far east (Asia, not New England). At Bates, she swims breaststroke for the varsity team, double majors in Rhetoric and Women & Gender Studies, and basically lives in the admissions office. She is also obsessed with potatoes and Teen Wolf. In her spare time she likes to find and pet all the dogs on campus, design her future underwater mansion, and practice to beat Patty in slackjaw. Most of all, she can’t wait to meet all you classy first-years aka future BFF’s! 

Spend your AESOP exploring Lobster Lake and the Penobscott River while taking in the incredible scenery of Northern Maine! Paddle down the Penobscott and camp at various islands along the way. Trek through a Maine Nature Preserve on Gero Island and enjoy lunch in Chesuncook Village.

Questions?  Contact us at or at 207-330-0610