Moosehead Lake

Trip Description

Nestled among scenic mountain ranges, Moosehead Lake in Maine is New England’s largest lake. Its island studded waters stretch as far as the eye can see, and are surrounded by vast forested wilderness. Starting your paddle in Cowan Cove, your days will be filled by covering mileage over the water, passing by islands and hugging the shoreline most of the time. Passing through The Narrows, you will spend your nights at Jewett Cove, and Spencer Bay and spend the last day in Lily Bay State Park chilling on their sandy beaches and reminiscing about the amazing trip you just partook in.


Addie Johnson

Hey everybody! My name is Addie Johnson, I hail from the green mountain state of Vermont. I’m a senior about to write my politics thesis (eek), but I prefer to spend my time on adventures outdoors, doing yoga, reading good books, swimming in magical waterfalls, and playing all kinds of games. At the moment my favorite game is Settlers of Catan, though I don’t win very often. I’m really excited to spend a week canoeing with you guys, and can’t wait to share with you all of the fabulous things Bates has to offer! See you in August!

Ben Breger

Helloo first-year friends, my name is Ben Breger, I grew up in Western MA, and am a senior Biology major. I’m writing at you now from Sri Lanka where I’m studying abroad until May, then will be spending the summer chilling up in the Lew! I enjoy hiking, skiing, playing guitar and spending way too much time in Commons. Come join us canoeing in Moosehead Lake!


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