Penobscott River

Trip Description

Spend your AESOP exploring Lobster Lake and the Penobscott River while taking in the incredible scenery of Northern Maine! Paddle down the Penobscott and camp at various islands along the way. Trek through a Maine Nature Preserve on Gero Island and enjoy lunch in Chesuncook Village.

Barbara VanDerburgh

If you see Babs on campus she’ll probably jump out at you with a “hi friend!” regardless of the weather or the time of day. A native Mainer (full of bursting PORTLAND PRIDE), Barbara is a barista at the ronj coffeehouse and the president of The Bates Authors Guild (BAG).
She likes adventure, newspaper comics (it’s a tumultuous relationship), tree climbing, living on Frye Street, and canoeing–thank goodness, am I right? She dislikes seitan no matter how it is prepared in the vegan bar. Barbara is a rising Junior majoring in English.

John Goodman

Originally from the New York area, these days John “Boba Fett” Goodman (who in fact does not actually have a cool nickname that goes in quotes between his names) has been going to Bates, but is excited to get out off campus and back onto the wild waters of the Penobscot, where ten years ago he lost a pair of glasses while on a rafting trip. Ideally, he will be finding and reclaiming these glasses on AESOP. Likes: adventure, comic books (not newspaper comics like Barbara though), wilderness-ing, and needlessly lengthy conversations about trivial hypothetical questions. Dislikes: people whose answer to “if you could have any super-power what would it be” with “flying.” John is a rising Junior majoring in English.


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