Saco River

Trip Description

Paddle down the Saco River and camp out on numerous sandbars along your route. Mt. Tom and Starks Mountain surround the river, providing beautiful views while you encounter some of Maine’s incredible wildlife! Swim in Lovewell Pond and portage around beautiful Swans Falls. This trip leaves plenty of room to have fun and learn new paddling skills!

Liza Danello

(Lynx Danellanian familiaris) ~ commonly found splashing in the pool or bounding around campus, this species is one of a kind. Although born and bred in Washington, DC, can frequently be found hunting the woods of Maine for a degree in Theater and English. This creature is reaching extinction (better known as senior year). Look out for spontaneous game-attacks, as this spunky bobcat plays for days. Responds to animals calls including “Lizard”, “Luhu”, and “Liza”.

Gunnar Manchester

(Lynx manchesticus familiaris) ~ a subspecies of the North American Bobcat, and a rising junior native to the rolling hills of Rehoboth, Massachusetts. Gunnars often enjoy reciting Shakespearean monologues and performing improv comedy. In recent studies, they have shown to exhibit a predisposition for majoring in either Environmental Ecology, Theater, or (in many cases) both! They are identifiable by their soft blonde hair and long skinny appendages, and can usually be spotted in Olin singing with a wild pack of Deansmen


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