Umbagog Lake

Trip Description

This canoeing trip provides adventure as you explore all the inlets and coves in the wonderful Umbagog Lake. Paddle through Sweet Meadows and canoe as much as the Lake as possible! Paddle all day, with breaks for swimming, exploration and relaxation at Diamond Peaks and Cedar Stump campsites. Take in the amazing scenery and wildlife as you travel down the Androscoggin River on your last day.

Catherine DiPietro

Hi!! I’m Catherine DiPietro, I enjoy long walks around the puddle, candlelit dinners in commons, and gettin’ caught in the rain. But really, I’m from Baltimore, Maryland home of the Superbowl champs, WOO! I am an Art major and possible Environmental Studies major at Bates, and like to dabble in some yoga as well. My musical tastes consists of albino trap rap and authentic Swedish polka (dont worry ill be bringing some mixed tapes for the car ride). I love being outside and can’t wait to give you all a taste of Bates on our trip!

Karl Rickett

Sup?! Im Karl Rickett, I’m a rising sophomore at Bates and a possible economics or politics major. I play lacrosse here and enjoy a good spoon, or some sweet flow. I’m a native Mainer and can give you the enjoyment of useless maine trivia facts. (fun fact, the state soda is moxie). In my down time I love watching weird and interesting movies. Im looking forward to leading y’all into the wilderness.


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