Community Service


Here are a list of the Base Camping trips we offer. Click the boxes to find out more about the specific trips available and the awesome Batesies who lead them!

Habitat for Humanity (Level 1)

Habitat for Humanity I:

Are you dazed and confused? Too many AESOP trips to choose? Fear not Bobs and Cats, it’s easy as can be. We’ve assembled criteria of 1, 2, and 3:
#1: It must be chill (Don’t you want to relax?)

#2: You have to work with your hands (too fantastic to pass up)

#3: Emily and Brett have to be the leaders (they’re kind of a big deal…)

Oh…wait…doesn’t that only leave ONE trip??!! Why YES, yes it does. So, clearly, the best choice is Habitat for Humanity II with Emily and Brett! YOU too can make a difference! Imagine yourself tanning under the sun, while helping others with a bunch of friends after a satisfying day in the beautiful and luscious Maine. Are you imagining it? Yes? No, you’re not dreaming, BUT you will be living the dream when you come on our AESOP and make memories that will last a lifetime. At night, we’ll sit by the campfire roasting marshmallows, playing games, and singing songs. During the day, we’ll camp, play, build things, and explore. Look forward to scavenger hunts and sleeping under the stars. Are you ready? Good, so are we! And we want you…yes, YOU! So, come on Habitat for Humanity II with Emily and Brett to have the time of your life.

Emily Baumgarten:

Name: Emily Winslow Baumgarten
Age: 21
Hometown: Cohasset, MA (a.k.a. Just Outside Boston)
Height: 5’ 6’’
Weight: Wouldn’t you like to know?
Major: Legally Blonde
Interests: Bates A Capella (TakeNote), House of Cards, hittin’ up the slopes, triple axels on the puddle, sleeping-in, tanning, swimming
Best Quality: Her infectious laugh

Favorite Thing at Bates: Our future AESOPers

Brett Rainieri:

Name: Brett Patrick Ranieri
Age: 21
Hometown: West Hartford, CT (a.k.a WeHa)
Height: Depends on the day
Weight: 0% body fat = the perfect man
Major/Minor: Biology/Dance
Interests: Bates A Capella (Crosstones), scoring goals, running, writing AESOP bios, bustin’ a movie, Commons food, Sporcle-ing, hiking, thrift-shopping
Guilty Pleasure: Scandal
Best Quality: His pearly white teeth

Habitat for Humanity II:

Hey, wait, are you ready for the coolest, awesomest, unique outdoor orientation experience yeah? Are you prepared to go on the adventure of a lifetime, stop global warming, rescue orphan baby seals, ride on horseback through the sierra madre oriental, rescue a princess, slay a dragon, and then curl up by the fire with a meowtain of lion cubs? Well, we probably won’t be doing any of that, but if you’re ready for a ballin time, sign up for Habitat for Humanity AESOP with Audrey and Gary! We can promise the thrill you’ll experience from camping and working on a house with us will undoubtedly be equal to some quality baby lion snuggle time. But, seriously, this will be an awesome time full of lots of adventure, meaningful work, bonding, campfire stories, silly jokes, hilarious inside jokes that no one else will understand when you get back, sunshine, tents, nail guns, lumber, paint, paint brushes, ladders, sleeping bags, great stories for when you get back, and unforgettable memories!

Audrey Burns:

HELLO. My name is Audrey Holland Burns. But I go by Audrey. I’m a Theater and Rhetoric double major, which basically means I’m in training to be an excellent talker. I minor in music and I’m part of the Merimanders (a cappella it’s cool I promise) I was born and raised in Maine, the superior state of America so I know the ins and outs of this great land. As well as the majestic land of Bates College! I can teach the art of eating dinner in 10 minutes between rehearsals. From me you’ll learn the fastest routes between each building (pronounced rOWts, you’re in Maine now) You’ll learn the skill of baby spotting. You’ll probably hear too much about the weather and my personal feelings on the subject. But perhaps most importantly I saw four moose on my AESOP back in the day which means I’m lucky.

Gary Kersbergen:

Hey new friends! The name is Gary, like the snail in spongebob or the dude with the spiky hair in pokemon. As a child I made myself a house out of legos, cardboard, sticks from outside, tape, and several boxes of kraft macaroni and cheese, so you could say that Habitat for Humanity has always been my destiny. At Bates I’m a History and Spanish major and an education minor. I also ski, do volunteer work, build things, give tours, and run around campus looking for dogs to pet.

Start your College Career of by doing something you can truly be proud of. The Habitat for Humanity AESOP trips will work on projects in the Lewiston/Auburn and Bath, ME areas. These trips will camp out of Range Pond park for the Lewiston/Auburn project or Thomas Point Beach for the Bath project. Get to know and provide great survice to the local community by helping build houses for people in need! You will be able to explore and get to know your home for the next four years all while doing a great service on these trips.

 * Habitat for Humanity I and II follow the same itinerary.

Lewiston Service Trip:

If you love service, and are psyched about getting involved with the awesome community that you’re going to spend the next four years in, this trip is for you! We have tons of awesome ideas for service projects, as well as some plans for some great adventures to different places around Lewiston. We’ll spend our mornings working on service projects for some super cool organizations, as well as meting awesome people in the community. Then in the afternoon, we’ll get to go on a bunch of cool trips and explore some of the many things the Lewiston area has to offer. If you want to learn about your new home and meet some great people, all while doing service, make sure you sign up for Lewiston Service Trip!

Bridget Feldman:

Hiiii! My name’s Bridget Feldmann, I’m from DC, took a gap year in Texas, and now study Sociology/education policy at Bates :) As I write this I am studying abroad in Chile, tierra de sueñooos. I’ve worked with a number of service orgs in Lewiston. I love art, music, poetry, headbanging, laughing, social justice, cheese, Pokemon and the great outdoors. And I’m super stokeddd to hang out with you guys for this glorious week! Much love

Will Bryer:

Hey AESOPer’s! My name is Will Bryer and I’m a politics major from Pennsylvania. Two of my favorite things are Lewiston, ME and service, which is why I’m SUPER PUMPED to lead this trip! I also enjoy the outdoors, riding horses , and living in Maine. I have worked with a few service organizations in Lewiston, and Maine in general, but I can’t wait to work with even more! Most importantly, I’M SUPER PSYCHED FOR AESOP 2015!

The Lewiston Service trip is a new trip this year, and it is a great opportunity to learn about the greater community, and get to know Lewiston-Auburn. Along with partnering with organizations in the community, this trip will be exploring the area in the afternoons with possibilities like day hikes, swimming at Range Pond and canoeing on the Androscoggin River. 


Questions?  Contact us at or at 347-461-4982