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Here are a list of the Everything Else trips we offer. Click the boxes to find out more about the specific trips available and the awesome Batesies who lead them!

Sea Kayaking (Level 3)

Sea Kayaking:

Do you love the feel of salty spray on your face? Do you live for the swell of rolling waves under your kayak? Are you a pirate? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this is the AESOP for you! Come kayak the high seas of the scenic Casco bay with Will and Emi and prepare to have your every dream fulfilled! Uncover the secrets of the surrounding islands, including remnants of World War II forts and, of course, a pirate’s treasure. As a part of your kayak adventure, you will be helping to improve the beautiful wilderness around the bay with trail and beach clean-up. Be prepared to return to campus as bronzed gods and goddesses of the ocean, surrounded by new friends.

Emilia Calderon:

Emi Calderon, international woman of mystery, is an Australian-raised Colombian, who is now freezing her butt off as a sophomore in Lewiston, Maine. A psych major and lover of language, she is able to psychoanalyze you in three different dialects: English, Spanish and French. Friendly and bubbly, Emi is the perfect counterpart to the brooding, rugged, handsomeness that is Will Koller. Her interests include playing tennis, dancing to Latina music, and having an accent.

Will Koller:

Will Koller is a sophomore on the pre-med track whose talents include speaking French, Growing facial hair, and crushing intramural sports. Will is also involved in the improvisational comedy troupe on campus, The Strange Bedfellows, and laxes as only a true club lax bro can. Will can often be found reveling in his status as the tallest, and manliest, Girl Scout in his home state of Vermont.

Sea kayaking is a brand spankin’ new trip this year! Casco Bay will be the backdrop for this adventure of a lifetime; paddling amongst the lobster buoys and island hopping among the Calendar Islands are just a few highlights. Day trips will be based out of camp on Jewel Island which houses the remnants of WWII forts and even a pirate’s treasure! Students will also work with Maine Island Trail Association for two half-days of service doing trail work or beach clean-up with Bates alumnae Maria.

Maine Coast Sailing (Level 2)

Maine Coast Sailing:

Ahoy sailors!
On this voyage, we will navigate the vast and beautiful coastal waters of downeast Maine. Captains Tuck and Jake, and a trusty experienced boat owner, will set off on a course around the islands that dot the coast. Our days will be spent sailing and exploring the islands and at night we will camp out under the stars and have marvelous good times together. So jump aboard and set sail with us!

No prior sailing experience necessary but bring your sea legs!

Tucker Trimble:

Hey y’all my name is Tucker and I am a junior here at Bates! I study American culture and Rhetoric! I’m from Charleston, South Carolina and Ogunquit Maine. I love southern things, like Moes (it has the best pico de gallo) swing-dancing (it’s really called the shag), and grits (with cheese of course). I’m also a Mainer so I love my lobster (well, I like Lobster Mac & Cheese), my bean boots (but doesn’t everyone), and being out on the water (#batessailing). At Bates, you can find me hanging out with the sailing team, at Bates chapel, maybe in a Theater production and in Commons making crazy concoctions (I will tell you how to make the best deserts). I love to have fun and I can promise that sailing with Jake & I will be the best start to your school year!

Jake Barbato:

Hey everyone! My name is Jake Barbato and I write to you from my proud home state of New York. When I’m not studying Politics, I prefer to spend my time running, exploring, and concert-ing. I am also an avid Candy Crush enthusiast (any tips on level 372?). Although I’ve been sailing since I was 6, I’ve never been more excited to go sailing! I can hardly wait to raise some anchor, trim some sail, and cruise around the beautiful Gulf of Maine! 

On this trip, you will be sailing on two forty foot boats along Maine’s beautiful coast. Each boat will be captained by the experienced boat owner as well as one of your leaders. You will be traveling from Portland to Booth Bay Harbor and back over the course of the trip, sleeping on the boats and stopping at fun islands along the way. Fun and adventure await, so come sailing with us!

Surfing (Level 1)


“Let me tell you something kid; Everybody gets one chance to do something great. Most people never take the chance, either because they’re too scared, or they don’t recognize it when it spits on their shoes.”
- The ghost of Babe Ruth (aka The Great Bambino, The Sultan of Swat, The King of Crash, Etc.), The Sandlot.

Do you want to be feel the most supreme pleasure while being driven on so fast and so smoothly by the surf?

Do you want to lay on satin sands framed by emerald evergreens and stare into the infinite vastness of space whilst contemplating the universe’s ever expanding expansiveness?

Do you want to get, like, the best barrels evvver man, and just drop in and smack the lip, WHAPACK, and get Pitttted, so Pitted!?!?! (

Than it is time for YOU to sign up for SURFING AESOP. This trip is open to surfers of any and all skill levels. It doesn’t matter if you have never seen the ocean or you have been surfing since before you could walk. We will be spending four glorious days surfing the swells of Popham Beach and camping near the beautiful Hermit Island. Sign up and come August, you will feel the cool Atlantic on your toes and recognize the familiar wetness of greatness spitting on your shoes.

Nick Kinnon:

Nick Kinnon is a Senior Economics major hailing from Los Angeles… but he likes to think that he is so much more. When he’s not singing acapella for The Deansmen, Nick can be found ballin’ hard on the racquetball court, carefully constructing his fantasy surfer team, and praying in front of his personally constructed shrine of folk singer Josh Ritter. If there is one thing that Nick has learned from his life surfing the beach breaks of Los Angeles County, it is that there is more to life than being really, really, really ridiculously good looking.

Taylor Blackburn:

Taylor Blackburn is a Senior from Palo Alto majoring in Film & Television Rhetoric. While she and Nick should be sworn enemies due to their Nor/SoCal divide, they overcame their differences through a mutual love of the Talking Heads and late night musings on life. Taylor is a dedicated member of the Brooks Quimby Debate Council, and travels to compete for Bates College around the world– most recently India. She likes good movies and Thai food, preferably together. Her life philosophy comes from Tracy Jordan, who once said, “Stop eating people’s old french fries, pigeon. Have some self respect. Don’t you know you can fly?” 

Maine has some of the most beautiful beaches on the east coast. Georgetown is located in on the southern Maine coast and is one of the premere surfing spots in Maine. Enjoy 4 days of surfing on the coast of maine all while camping in Sagadohoc Bay. This trip is meant for all levels of experience; whether you’ve been surfing for years or have never seen the ocean before. Camp by night and surf, relax, and explore Georgetown by day.

Rock Climbing (Level 2)

Rock Climbing I:

HAAYYYY what’s up bob kittens!! If you like rocks, stargazing, contorting your body into weird positions, and making frands then boy-o are we going to have fun…with ROCK CLIMBING PART 1, We will be heading to the beautiful cliffs of Rumney Rocks in New Hampshire to do some sport climbing, swimming and chillin’. Don’t know how to tie a figure-8? what on-belay means, where a snuffaluffagus lives? (psh me neither…) No worries mate, if ya keen, we gotcha covered. So sign up for the time of your life, gonna be a sweet trip!! Love, Seanrah (our names combined)

Sarah Xiao:

AAAAaaand in this corner, hailing from the shire, bred in the white mountains, a rock fanatic, and lover of flightless birds stands one outta two of your fearless leaders. alohaa I’m a rising senior here at Bates, and I major in geology and am minoring in east asian history. I am obsessed with the 90s, have been climbing for a few years now, am weirdly grossed out by moths and butterflies, and am currently studying abroad in new zealand and lovin it! In my spare time I like to hike, climb, run and people watch in commons. I am so excited to meet y’all, so come climb with us!!

Sean Enos:

Leader numero dos hails from lynnfield mass where he learned to throw big things (like shotput and hammers, the usual). Sean enos is also a rising senior, ALSO a geology major AND ALSO A LOVER OF FLIGHTLESS BIRDS :O (coincidence? think again) In his spare time, Sean likes to climb a la wall, pump iron a la gym, and google cute kitty pictures on the internet. He is SUPER PSYCHED about aesop and meeting the new bob kittens!

Rock Climbing II:

-Please sing the following to the tune of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”-

We threw a rope on the wall
Don’t fear, we won’t let you fall,
This trip is made for all
It’s your lucky day!!!

I’d trade my soul for a rope
This trip is gonna be dope
We know you’re looking for this
So get on your way!!!!!!

Your fingers holdin’
Sick views, Maine’s beauty showin’
Climbing 2′s trip is golden
Where else would you be goin’ baby?

We haven’t met you
this might sound crazy
But you’re going climbing
In the White Mountains!!! (maybe?)

Rishi Bommannan

Hey I’m Rishi and here are a few things about me:
-I’m from California
-I have great hair
-I am pre-med and majoring in neuroscience
-I really like “Horton Hears a Who”
-I have a lot of experience climbing and am super super excited to drop (get it? climbing jokes…) some climbing knowledge on you guys
-I literally love biking
-I am super stoked to climb with all of you new bobcats!!!!!
-I was on Katie’s Aesop trip our freshman year!

Katie Stevenson

Hey!! My name is Katie!
-I’m from New Jersey
-I took a gap year before coming to Bates.
-I’m pre-med and self-designing my own social science major
-”Up” is my favorite movie
-I’m on the diving team here at Bates.
-I work in a local elementary school.
-My favorite colors are deep mint green and royal purple.
-I am on Bates EMS.
-Rishi wasn’t on my Aesop trip, I don’t what he is talking about (just kidding, he was, and our trip was the best ever!) 

For beginners and advanced climbers alike! This trip lets you live on the edge for 4 days as you scale up the face of a cliff, go bouldering, and learn how to belay. Afraid of heights?! Our fearless and highly experienced leaders will take good care of you as they guide you along your path and we assure you that it will be the most exhilarating 4 days of your life! What better way to explore Maine and New Hampshire than by dangling off a cliff?

Biking in Acadia (Level 3)

Biking in Acadia:

You’ve heard of Acadia National Park, but have you ever thought of exploring it by bike? Your fearless leaders will guide you along the winding roads and through the heart of the park with frequent snack breaks, mandatory swim stops, fending off some ferocious seagulls and only a few sore quads. The iconic park is filled with stunning views, but let’s be honest, the real attraction is Kent in his spandex bike shorts. Come spend four days with us biking, bonding, and learning all about Bates!

Maddy Ekey:

Hi everyone! I’m Maddy, and am proud to bring some Rockies representation all the way from Brozeman, Montana. I am a rising sophomore here at Bates and am thinking of majoring in either psych or neuroscience. Here at bates I ski for the Nordic team, do some casual studying and make rad drinks at the Ronj. When not doing one one of those things I love to climb, run, ski, bag peaks, the occasional river trip, some biking and wearing clogs. Never without an adventure hat I can’t wait to spend four epic days venturing through main with the newest bobkittens!

Kent Byrd:

My name is Kent, I’m from central Connecticut. At Bates you can find me in the library, on the lacrosse field, or spending long stretches of time in commons. The rumors about me wearing spandex bike shorts on our AESOP are indeed true, and don’t worry, Maddy is not allowed to wear clogs. Want to learn more about Bates, visit one of the most beautiful places in Maine, and have an awesome time biking? Yes? Then come get to know Maddy and I, and we promise this AESOP will not disappoint. 

This exciting new trip will explore Acadia State Park on bikes! (Why didn’t we think of this before?!) Winding through the heart of the park, you will travel over 45 miles on historic carriage roads passing pedestrians and horses alike and learning about the history of the park. Cycling around Eagle Lake and Bubble Pond may call for a dip in the refreshing water and riding back on the park Loop Road calls for some scenic views for sure. You won’t want to miss out on this adventure!


*If you sign up for this trip, we encourage that you to provide your own bike and helmet as our bike supply is currently limited.

Yoga and Meditation (Level 1)


Do you wake up in the morning craving some peace of mind and maybe a good ole’ stretch? Have you found yourself wondering what a yoga butt is and how to get one? Want to inhale, exhale, and attempt to get enlightened? YESSSSSSSS!!!!! Come move your bodies and minds on the beautiful coast of Maine with Joseph and Rachel! If you’re interested in joining a community of fellow seekers, lovers, and stretchers at Bates, this is definitely the trip for you. Wake up to see the sunrise and salute that epic ball of fire, then settle into stillness and meditation with a fantastic group of new friends (and of course the two coolest leaders possible). Days will be filled with meaningful conversations, dynamic body postures, and time for reflection, preparing your bodies and minds for a new and exciting chapter of your life. Seriously, we’re so excited to share our extensive knowledge and boundless smiles with you all on what is bound to be an intensely epic trip. Peace and love – Joseph and Rachel

Rachel Ryan:

Sometimes I wake up in the morning to Macy grey’s “Beauty in the World.” As it rises me out of my sweet slumber I always think, “Indeed Macy, there is quite a bit of beauty in the world!” Occasionally I wiggle a bit to the beat because who doesn’t love a spontaneous dance party?? I like smelling flowers and looking up when I walk, sometimes this causes me to trip, but its normally worth it. I sustain myself on a diet of pasta, chocolate, tea, and bacon Oh! I’m Rachel by the way and some people think my spirit animal’s a unicorn, what’s yours?

Joseph Marques:

My name is Joseph and I eat slowly. Some say I eat too slowly, but I know what is too slow. I certainly am not too slow, but I am quite slow. In fact, I am so slow that sometimes I do not eat. I will sit there about to eat, poised to eat, and then start eating sooo slow. People have noted my slowness. They say, “Joseph, why do you eat so slow?” When they say this, I tell them, “I do eat slow. It is because I am a senior from Massachusetts majoring in Philosophy and minoring in Religion who is interested in meditation, mountain biking, and ceramics. Also, it is because I just returned from studying abroad in India and Tanzania!!!” The wise understand. 

For the first time in Bates College history, students will be able to slowly, calmly, relaxingly and purposefully explore the Bates Morse Mountain Conservation Area. Our Yoga and Meditation trip will have you meditating over lakes, stretching on beaches by the ocean, and in extreme cases: levitating. Not a yoga expert? Don’t worry! This trip serves as both an introduction to yoga as well as a continuation of it. Grab your mats and water bottles because you will not want to miss out on this stress-free adventure. 


Questions?  Contact us at or at 207-330-0610


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