Maine Coast Sailing

Trip Description

On this trip, you will be sailing on two forty foot boats along Maine’s beautiful coast. Each boat will be captained by the experienced boat owner as well as one of your leaders. You will be traveling from Portland to Booth Bay Harbor and back over the course of the trip, sleeping on the boats and stopping at fun islands along the way. Fun and adventure await, so come sailing with Cam and John!

Cam Campion

Ayyooo my name is Camille aka faceplant (we’ll get to that on the trip) Campion. When I’m not here having an awesome time here Bates, I live in Allentown, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia. I’m a huge It’s Always Sunny fan so catch my quotes and we’ll be best friends forever. Even if you’re not a fan we’ll still be best friends! Aesop is the best! Its a great opportunity to hang out with a bunch of equally cool bobkitties and shake the first year nerves. When I’m not watching the Eagles lose I am out and about on Bates campus dabbling in some flute in orchestra, being vice-president of Club Med, volunteering at Lewiston Library, playing some ultimate frisbee, sailing away with John, working on research, and studying, studying, studying (I know all the best secret study spots around campus). I am on the pre-med track and hope to major in Chemistry or Biochemistry and minor in Spanish. That’s about it! I promise if you come sail away with us your life will never be the same!!

John Cappetta

Arrr, they call me Captain Chaos, but me mother (bless ‘er soul) named me Johnny. I was conceived durin’ a nor’easter and my blood runs with sea salt. Hmm, that was weird. I actually wasn’t conceived at sea (I think), but I practically breathe ocean water (I wish). Home is where the wind blows but my family resides in San Diego, I’ve been sailing all my life, surfing for a good chunk, and when the rain falls white you can find me in the mountains. I’m a student of Islam here at Bates, but you can find me pointing cameras at the Dirty Lew more often than not. I compete with Bates Sailing, shred with the gnarliest, blast the fluffiest jams at WRBC Bates Radio, and use the weirdest words one may find. I have a spirit guide, he has no name, lives in Oregon, and is a grizzly bear, and my favorite number is 17 (I know this because I drop it probably 4 times a verse when I freestyle).

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