Rock Climbing I

Trip Description

For beginners and advanced climbers alike! This trip lets you live on the edge for 4 days as you scale up the face of a cliff, go bouldering, and learn how to belay. Afraid of heights?! Our fearless and highly experienced leaders will take good care of you as they guide you along your path and we assure you that it will be the most exhilarating 4 days of your life! What better way to explore Maine and New Hampshire than by dangling off a cliff?

Gretchen Kaija

Holla, I’m Gretchen, the most loyal Vermonter you’ll ever meet. I am an Environmental Studies and French double major, and proud founder of the “bacon bowl” for breakfast at Commons. You’ll most likely find me swooning when Charlie sings or taking shots of maple syrup. I am currently in Madagascar chasing after lemurs and eating fresh avocados for dessert, and I’m stoked to hang with you new bobcats!

Charlie Grant

Yo I’m Charlie, proud to be from the WEST coast Portland. I am an Art History major and Religious studies minor. You can usually find me singing or doing mad pull-ups around campus. If not, just look for the fiercest beard at Bates. I am currently studying abroad in India and will have some sweet stories to share with you all!


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