Health Services List

Bates College recognizes that physical and mental health significantly influence one’s ability to participate fully in the College community. The Health Center strives to enhance each student’s well-being by providing comprehensive, confidential health care and by encouraging informed, individual participation in health-related decisions. An emphasis is placed on health promotion during individual consultations and through campuswide programs.


Confidentiality of the content of any medical visits, counseling sessions, and written medical records is the right of the patient. Health-care professionals are bound to observe this right and to release information only at the request of the patient. However, when a person is critically ill or unconscious, medical personnel, acting in the patient’s interest, may transmit information to the immediate family. In addition, care-givers may need to disregard confidentiality temporarily when a person’s behavior threatens his or her life or that of another person. Otherwise, medical records at Bates College are kept in strictest confidence.

Chronic Conditions

Students who have any chronic condition such as diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, or emotional issues are urged to contact the Health Center upon their arrival at Bates. Please ask your physician to send us a summary of your medical records, including instructions for any medications or desensitization injections you receive. Your health can be monitored by the Health Center staff or by a local specialist. Every effort will be made to coordinate care with your own physician.

Acute Conditions

Students with any illness or injury are urged to come promptly to the Health Center. Nurses are on duty 24 hours a day; they treat many common conditions and make referrals as needed. Nurse practitioner clinics and physician clinics are held weekdays. A physician is on call at all times.


What constitutes an emergency is a matter of judgment. Time is frequently of the essence, and if there is any doubt, an ambulance should be called for immediate transportation of the student to either of the hospitals in Lewiston. If there is an emergency on campus, dial 6111. Central Maine Medical Center 300 Main Street, telephone 795-0111. Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center 45 Golder Street, telephone 777-8100. There are also student EMS services available on campus for emergencies. We believe it is in your interest to notify the staff of the Bates College Health Center if you are treated elsewhere for illness or injury. Claims for reimbursement of emergency-service costs under College insurance plans must be submitted through the Health Service. Students preferring to arrange payment through other resources should give this information to hospital personnel.

Inpatient Facilities

The Health Center includes four inpatient beds. Staffed by nurses around the clock, the Health Center is a place where persons requiring care but not hospitalization may stay. Students may be admitted for observation, for illness, or for post-operative recuperation under medical supervision.

Students are urged to notify their parents or guardians upon admission. In addition, they may wish to meet with the Director if excuses from academic obligations are needed.


Personal counseling and psychological services are available at the Health Center. The counseling services provide short term counseling and cris intervention strategies. We provide a limited number of free sessions for these purposes. Thea health Center does not rovide long term counseling for chronic and ongoing psychological concerns. If long term counseling is needed, appropriate evaluations and referrals will be made to providers in the community.

Psychiatric Services

A local psychiatrist is available to provide psychiatric evaluation. Appointments are made through the Director of the Health Services.

Sexuality-Related Services

Women’s health services are provided by a gynecologist and a nurse practitioner. There is no charge for routine gynecological examinations, although laboratory fees, prescriptions, and the cost of special procedures done off campus are the responsibility of the students.

Men’s health services are provided by a male R.N. and our physician. Services include exams, consultations, STI testing and treatment and referrals. Students concerned about sexually transmitted diseases may be screened on campus at a minimal fee to cover laboratory costs. A male nurse is available. Students with questions about sexuality, birth control, pregnancy, and other topics are urged to come to the Health Center. Confidential information and counseling is available.

Sports Medicine

A health-care team of three certified athletic trainers, student trainers, the Health Center staff, and an orthopedic consultant provide sports-related medical services to all students. All members of College teams are required to start each academic year with preseason screening examinations. The office of the Director of Athletics maintains two training rooms for the prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Each room is supervised by a certified athletic trainer and staffed by trained student assistants.

Laboratory Work

Certain laboratory tests are performed at the Health Center. Most blood tests, microbiology, and all X-rays and special procedures must be done either in one of the hospitals or at a specialist’s office.

Health Education

Throughout the year, a number of programs will be offered, including discussions of sexuality, drugs, nutrition, stress management, and additional health-related topics of interest to students. The Health Center is a resource for health information through individual counseling and educational information. A health educator is on staff to provide individual consultations on specific areas of concern.