Speaking English

Learning the Language

For many students, this is the first time speaking and studying in English on a full-time basis. Sometimes the experience of adjusting to the speaking and reading speeds is a little frustrating. There are two things to keep in mind initially. First, you will adjust far more rapidly than you can imagine at the beginning. After two weeks and then a month, you will be quite surprised at the acceleration adjustment that you will experience. Second, if you are very concerned, speak with someone, the International Student Advisor, a professor, an advisor, or an older student, all of whom can be very helpful and encouraging in assisting with this adjustment.

Communication Styles

With students from all over the world and United States, you may find a variety of accents, speed, and expressions which are unfamiliar. United States students frequently use slang. You should feel free to ask what the expressions mean and identify how similar expressions or feelings are expressed in your country or language.