Parking Policy

Parking on campus is by PERMIT ONLY at all times including nights and weekends. Permits are granted through a lottery process, conducted by the Bates College Student Government. That includes all campus parking lots, even the “open” lots located at Olin and Bardwell Street. Overnight parking is prohibited on Bardwell Street and in the Olin lot. The fine for parking overnight (midnight to 7:00 am) is $100.00.

Parking permits will cost $100.00 for the entire year. When the permit is picked up, it will be billed to the student’s account. Students not on campus (i.e. study elsewhere programs or leave of absence) second semester may return their decal to the Security Office for a partial refund. They may NOT sell or give their permit to another person.

Students living off campus ARE required to have a parking permit in order to park on campus. Off campus students are NOT considered visitors to the campus. Commuter Parking Permits are available for all students who live off campus to park on campus; however, the permit will be restricted to no overnight parking. If you live off campus, you DO NOT have to register for the lottery to receive the Commuter Parking Permit. However, you can choose to register for the lottery and receive an unrestricted parking permit.

Students who are not afforded parking permits by consequence of regular lottery or appeals lottery should plan to make other accommodations for their vehicle. A list of parking alternatives is available from Security. Vehicles will not be allowed to park on campus without a permit.

Students who are granted a permit may affix the permit to a vehicle registered in their name or in the name of their parent or guardian. Students afforded a permit in the lottery may not affix their permit to another student’s vehicle.

Students not on campus for one semester of the school year (i.e. study elsewhere programs or leave of absence) still need to apply for the lottery. If they do not receive a permit, they may contact Student Government representatives to be placed on a waiting list for a permit.

The City of Lewiston has a parking ban in place from December 1st through April 15th. Street parking is not permitted overnight during this period.

Parking Permits

Every year, Bates Student Government (BCSG) allocates on-campus parking permits. As an incoming student, you’re eligible to appeal for a permit during the summer. Limited permits may be granted to students with exceptional circumstances, such as:

  • Personal and/or family health reasons
  • Service learning/community service
  • Off-campus employment/research
  • Travel between campus and home
  • Other extenuating/noteworthy reasons

Demonstrating these needs doesn’t guarantee you a parking permit. Any information provided in your request is subject to verification at the Parking Committee’s discretion.

The application process takes place in June. Apply online in the Garnet Gateway, and check your Bates email account for updates.

Additional Parking

There are many alternatives to on-campus parking. Lewiston allows day and overnight parking on various streets near campus until December 1. You can also park in specified parking lots near campus or at the homes of willing campus neighbors (usually for a fee).  Although rare, on-campus parking permits can become available throughout the year as students decide they will not bring a car to campus, go abroad, or as parking privileges are revoked due to violations.


The Bates Student Government does its best to serve the student body, and the allocation of parking permits is only one way we do this. If you would like to learn more about the Bates Student Government, please contact me. I would also encourage you to get involved in Student Government when you arrive at Bates.

John Barbadoro ’14
Parking Committee Chair