Actions Against Persons

Conduct which involves force, threat of force, or intimidation directed at an individual or group of individuals may constitute an “action against persons.”

Examples of actions against persons include:

• Assault
This includes unwanted physical contact, as well as fighting and physical altercations.

• Sexual misconduct
The College provides to each student a brochure describing how the terms “sexual harassment,” “sexual assault,” “rape,” “consent” and “force” are defined and acted upon within the College community. Within that document, the Maine State Statute is pre-sented so that students are aware of the steps they may take outside of the College to prosecute sexual assault.

• Hazing
Following Ch. 159 of Maine Public Laws, 1983, Bates prohibits injurious hazing, defined as “any action or situation which reck-lessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health of a student. . . .” Specifically, hazing means an act that, as an explicit or implicit condition for initiation to, admission into, affiliation with, or continued membership in a group or organization, (1) could be seen by a reasonable person as endangering the physical health of an individual or as causing mental distress to an individual through, for example, humiliating, intimidating, or demeaning treatment, (2) destroys or removes public or private property, (3) involves the consumption of alcohol or drugs, or the consumption or other substances to excess, or (4) violates any College policy. An act may be considered hazing regardless of the person’s consent to participate.

• Harassment, intimidation, or bullying
This includes acts of intimidation, stalking, confrontation, verbal slurs, insults or taunts, physical force or threat of physical force made with the intention of causing fear, intimidation, ridicule, humiliation, disparagement, disruption to the educational environ-ment, or damage to property. Such acts may be committed in per-son, by proxy, via telephone or cell phone, via text message, or any electronic means including social networking websites.

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